Phyto-salt wrap reviews by cosmetologists

Phyto-salt wrap reviews by cosmetologists
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a significant reduction in body volume,
cellulite reduction,
the triggering of metabolic processes,
relaxation effect.
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Key points

Phyto-Salt Wrap - ARAVIA Organic's unique SPA slimming programme with instant effect. A complex of professional products with 10 bioactive extracts and balm salt combats swollen forms of cellulite, fatty deposits and congestion.

Pros and cons of the phyto-salt wrap

a significant reduction in body volume,
cellulite reduction,
lymphatic drainage of the tissues,
the triggering of metabolic processes,
body remineralisation,
detoxification and disinfection of the skin,
restoration of water and mineral metabolism,
stimulation of the lymphatic system,
relaxation effect.
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Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Dead Sea salt enriched with a mixture of essential oils and kelp, rich in minerals and trace elements, reduces swelling, has anti-cellulite properties, promotes slimming, diffusion of active ingredients of the phyto gel through the upper layers of the epidermis to achieve high results. Laminaria improves skin tone and elasticity. Juniper essential oil increases metabolic processes and effectively fights cellulite. Citrus essential oils of lemon and orange eliminate toxins and have an immune stimulating effect. Ravensara oil relaxes and relieves fatigue. The aromas of the essential oils soothe and improve emotional well-being. Use in conjunction with stage 1 phyto gel for modelling wraps.
Danilova Yana Evgenyevna
Beauty therapist
Wraps have a significant visual effect and are recommended for strengthening blood vessels, getting rid of swellings, improving skin structure, correcting small imperfections, activating lymph flow and blood circulation and stimulating natural rejuvenation processes in the body.
Kotlyarova Tatiana Yurievna
Beauty therapist
To achieve a synergistic effect, a single wrap session will not be sufficient. A balanced diet along with the prevention of hypodynamia and the use of additional cosmetic procedures will give the maximum long-lasting effect. The masseur will always conduct a preliminary consultation to identify possible contraindications, recommend a personalised package of services and select highly effective cosmetic products.
Hesha Angelika Viktorovna
Beauty therapist
The professional phyto-salt wrap is a unique programme that combines SPA body care and visible volume correction.

The effect is already visible after the first session, which is why we recommend it as an express treatment for quick results.
Tatyana Vadimovna Levanovich
Venereologist, cosmetologist, dermatologist, mycologist, trichologist
Of course, cellulite cannot be removed in a single treatment, but if you do the wraps regularly, you can see positive results after a couple of months. In combination with light exercise, the effect will appear much sooner.

Opinion of reputable international sources on phyto-salt wraps

There is currently no freely available information on the research carried out on phyto-salt wraps.


How does a phyto-salt weight loss wrap work?
What is the procedure?
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Textures of ARAVIA Organic Phyto-Salt Wrap products


Benefits of a phyto-salt wrap

The effect of a phyto-salt wrap:

  • fast result
  • cellulite reduction
  • tissue lymph drainage
  • metabolic start-up
  • body remineralisation
  • Detoxification and skin disinfection
  • restoring water and mineral metabolism
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • relaxation effect
  • Damage to the skin
  • Dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin rashes
  • Diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, endocrine and lymphatic systems
  • Any malignant neoplasms
Indications for a phyto-salt wrap
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis;
  • Fluid retention in the body;
  • Muscle aches and pains;
  • Dry, dehydrated skin;
  • Signs of early ageing of the skin;
  • Sleep disturbances, stress conditions, anxiety;
  • Overweight;
  • Cellulite.

Feedback from private users

Please note that when using this product for the first time, don't take too much product or you just won't be able to take it, I think three pushes would be optimal.

I want to say straight away that I have never had any pits and bumps on my skin. I have an asthenic body type, I am tall and thin. I can't claim that ARAVIA Professional Organic "ANTI-CELLULITE INTENSIVE" gets rid of cellulite, but I can definitely say that it makes my skin look better! ARAVIA Professional Organic "ANTI-CELLULITE INTENSIVE" is an excellent product for the prevention of sagging and swelling, I think it's because of this effect that many people see the result, including me.
This wrap has both an immediate effect and an effect after a course of use.

Instant effect:

Even after the first treatment, the skin is wonderfully moisturised, soft and smooth. After the wrap, you can of course immediately apply a firming body cream, but I don't do that. The wrap itself is more than enough care for my body.

The effect after a course of 10 treatments:

I don't have cellulite as such, so wraps are more of a preventative procedure in my case.

But the skin is definitely smoother, softer and more toned.
The effect and visual result are immediately visible after the first application, the skin is visually firmer and tighter. The skin feels soft and supple.

About the experience, in short, if it wasn't for the results from using it, I probably wouldn't have decided on 10 courses))
During an anti-cellulite wrap with the Anti-Cellulite Intensive, there is a very unusual sensation of warmth together with cold. Usually my wraps have only warmed up the skin, but here the cold changes to warmth and vice versa.

The wrap itself is a powerful artillery in the fight against cellulite and produces excellent results after a course of at least 10 treatments. The skin will be visibly firmer and cellulite will be significantly reduced. If necessary, the course can be repeated or you can simply use wraps to prevent cellulite and keep your skin toned.
But you do realise that no cosmetic product will remove your cellulite if you sit in a film and eat crisps washed down with lemonade.

But in combination with other treatments, yes. And if you also give up junk food, start moving more, take contrast showers and exercise, cellulite won't stand a chance.

I, for example, have 1-2 degree cellulite, but temporarily any exercise is forbidden due to a tailbone injury, but even in the absence of exercise I can see the effect.

I saw my first result after 4 wraps (I did them about 2 times a week)

I've never been particularly oily, so it's hard to tell if the fat has decreased, but it's definitely working on my orange peel! I'll do another course in the spring - the expiry date allows me to keep the product open for exactly a year))


The cost of the components for a phyto-salt wrap at home is on average 1,200 roubles. It is also worth bearing in mind that this treatment will cost you around 1,500-2,000 roubles in a salon.


PhytoGel contains bioactive extracts of: chestnut, Arabica green coffee, fucus, ivy, licorice, oak bark, arnica flowers, birch, mint and melissa. Bioactive extracts saturate the skin with essential micro and macro elements and vitamins, accelerate blood circulation and metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, enhance lipolysis and lymphatic drainage, tone vessels, have a detoxifying effect, brighten the skin and improve microrelief.

Balneotherapy salt contains bioactive components:

  • Dead Sea salt,
  • kelp,
  • essential oils of juniper and raspberry,
  • lemon and orange.

Bioactive components accelerate metabolic processes in the skin, reduce swelling, have anti-cellulite properties, promote weight loss, eliminate excess fluid, increase tone and firmness, have an immune-stimulating effect, have pronounced antioxidant activity, relaxing and relieving fatigue.

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The phyto-salt wrap procedure is popular not only with women, but also with men.

How the procedure is carried out

I stage. Application of Slim Phyto Gel

Active ingredients: extracts of chestnut, fucus, green coffee, arnica, birch, ivy, licorice, oak root, mint, melissa

The application of phyto gel with a variety of natural plant extracts is the starting point of the Aravia Organic programme. The product enhances the absorption of the mineral complex of the Dead Sea salt and serves as a catalyst for the effects of its active ingredients.

The gel's beneficial properties are as follows:

  • The skin is saturated with essential micronutrients and macronutrients;
  • Increased metabolic processes;
  • Improving skin micro-relief;
  • vascular toning;
  • the removal of toxins.

One tablespoon (15 ml) of gel is sufficient for a complete wrap around the entire working area of the body. To enhance the effect, the product should be applied to the skin in an even layer, with gentle pressure to accelerate absorption. Despite its thick, dense texture, the gel absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a film.

II stage. Application of Fit Mari Salt with anti-cellulite effect

Active ingredients: Dead Sea salt, micronised kelp, essential oils of juniper, orange, lemon and ravassara

In the second stage of the ARAVIA Organic Phyto-Salt Programme in Balneotherapy Salt. The product consists of Dead Sea salt, ground kelp powder and a complex of essential oils. Like the phytogel, the salt comes in a 500 ml bulk pack. The manufacturer has included a measuring spoon in the jar for easy measuring of the product.

The action of balneotherapy salt is aimed at:

  • speeding up metabolic processes;
  • the removal of swelling;
  • anti-cellulite treatment and reduction of body volume;
  • Immunostimulatory and antioxidant effects;
  • Improving skin elasticity and firmness;
  • achieving a relaxing effect.

The characteristic feature of Fit Mari Salt is its refreshing, bright and intense smell. It is achieved through the right composition and concentration of essential oils. It has also been scientifically proven that the effect of essential oils does not end with the creation of a pleasant fragrance. А

The active ingredients in the balneo salt enhance the effect of the anti-cellulite programme by increasing microcirculation and the breakdown of fat cells.

Apply phyto-salt to the whole body with massaging strokes and cover with a plastic sheet for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off under the shower.

Description of procedure
The phyto-gel treatment is based on the sequential action of the biocomponents of the gel and the wrapping of the saline solution. In this way, two processes are triggered at once: osmosis and diffusion. Water from the tissues rises to the surface of the skin and the active ingredients penetrate into the skin, producing a complex effect for fast results.


The professional phyto-salt wrap is a unique programme that combines SPA body care and visible volume correction. The effect is already visible after the first session, which is why it can be recommended as an express treatment for quick results.

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