Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctors

Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctors
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A comprehensive treatment of the scalp and the entire length of the hair;
hair revitalisation;
creating a protective layer.
the need to do several courses of treatment;
high cost.

Key points

A hot mask is a very important step in the treatment of damaged hair (brittle, frizzy, coloured, bleached, porous).

It is essentially a hair wrap procedure with a hair dryer. The increased temperature allows the product to penetrate deep into the cuticle, the only way to repair the damage.

Pros and cons of the hot wrap procedure for hair

rapid achievement of a positive effect;
hydration and shine;
hair revitalisation;
A comprehensive treatment of the scalp and the entire length of the hair;
creating a protective layer.
the need to do several courses of treatment;
high cost.

Opinions/feedback from trichologists

Karolina Vladimirovna Bondarenko
Dermatologist, venereologist, trichologist, cosmetologist, paediatric dermatologist
A hot wrap is a treatment that not only affects the outside of the hair, but also the inside, thereby restoring it to its former appearance. A special protective layer is created to prevent further damage. In addition, a hot wrap has a positive effect on the scalp: it stimulates blood circulation and prevents hair loss.
Olga Igorevna Korotkova
Cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist
This procedure is easy to do at home. However, don't get carried away: doing it more often than once every 2-4 weeks can over-detoxify the strands, causing them to stick together and become lumpy. If this does happen, use a deep cleansing shampoo and don't use masks or nourishing balms.
Maria Gueorguievna Ivlieva
Cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist
The wrap is applied for 1-2 hours. The master rinses the hair thoroughly and then applies a pre-warmed water-bath on wet strands. The hair is then covered in foil, wrapped in a warm towel and put on a cap to maintain the necessary temperature to allow the product to penetrate into the hair. The mixture is left in the hair for the desired amount of time, then washed off, followed by the application of a serum to seal in the effect of the wrap.
Isayeva Fatima Atoevna
Cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist
For effective application, sufficient time must be allotted for the treatment to allow the oils to penetrate the fibres and layers of the dermis. Proper application and scalp massage help to achieve smooth and shiny hair after washing and styling.
Khalif Aigul Yulayevna
One of the most popular hot wrap options is the silk formula. It contains peptides rich in amino acids and proteins that stimulate metabolic processes. Due to the microscopic size of the molecules, they penetrate the hair and restore the hydrolipil layer. In addition, fibroin (a fibrillar protein) helps retain moisture in the hair, thus hydrating it and protecting it from breakage.

Opinion from reputable international sources on hot hair wraps

Additional general education programme "Innovations in the beauty industry: molecular hair restoration"
Hot wrap. Includes the application of a warm mixture of various oils on the head. In this way, the hair, having absorbed the necessary micro-nutrients and fatty acids, becomes beautiful and well-groomed. Shielding. Similar to lamination, it restores strands of hair and creates a protective film on the hair, but the difference between the procedures is that the changes take place inside the hair. The effect is much more noticeable, but is quite short-lived, lasting only 4 weeks.


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Benefits of a hot hair wrap

Modern hair care for women's hair includes a healing ampoule against baldness, used preventively and a hot wrap, which helps to eliminate the problem of split ends and damaged strands. The hair becomes resilient again and is provided with a kind of organic shell in the form of an elastic film, which is designed to strengthen the hair and protect it from external factors.

After a hot wrap, hair is revitalised, unweighted and looks natural.

For damaged and weakened female hair, the cosmetic treatment works best when applied frequently. Girls should take an individual approach to minimise the intervals between treatments.


Before making an appointment for this procedure, it is important to remember that contraindications include

  • pregnancy and the breastfeeding period,
  • endocrine gland problems;
  • Itching and other scalp problems;
  • heart failure,
  • infections.
Indications for a hot hair wrap

Before you go for this procedure, you need to find out who it is suitable for and what problems it can solve:

  • The treatment is suitable for people with dry and damaged hair, as it leaves them more hydrated;
  • clients whose strands lack shine;
  • For girls whose hair colour is not as intense as before;
  • Those who have problems with hair growth.

Feedback from private users

Belita-Vitex Power of Hyaluron hair filler mask Keraplasty Hot Wrap
Well, I would like to say that I really like the mask. I can't yet guarantee that with the purchase of a second tube the effect will be the same, because my hair tends to get used to it, and often with the purchase of a second product, the expected effect is not there.

I advise girls with coloured and frizzy hair, I think the mask may not be 100%, but it will at least make your hair smooth and groomed a bit. At least with mine it does a great job.
Belita-Vitex Power of Hyaluron hair filler mask Keraplasty Hot Wrap
Already when the mask is applied, the hair is well smoothed out. When the mask is rinsed off under the shower, it feels like silk.
During drying, the hair is straightened and detangled. As a result, dry hair is smooth, just bunched up into strands.
After brushing, the hair is light, airy and crumbly.
Brushing dry hair is no problem at all, easy and quick.
The hair is very smooth and incredibly silky after combing. The mask removes frizz and smoothes the length of the hair. After the mask, I use a conditioner, which also smoothes the hair structure.
The hair becomes more flexible and resilient, resulting in less hair breakage.
Minor hair sections are smoothed out and the ends visually look well-groomed, smooth, moisturised and frizz-free.
The hair also becomes more dense in feel.
Hot wrap for damaged hair Faberlic Smart Keratin, Salon Care series
The result is, in a word, delightful! The hair is tighter, firmer, well-groomed and has a stunningly iridescent shine, just like in the adverts.
After the 2nd use, I noticed a cumulative effect. Even after a subsequent wash, the hair is more nourished and shiny.

Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctors

Hot wrap for damaged hair Faberlic Smart Keratin, Salon Care series
The hair is very light and, boy, do I love it. And there's no annoying frizz with hair sticking out even near the temples,
The hair is smooth, silky and pleasant to touch,
As a result, they don't tangle and are easier to comb out,
They are soft, there is no stiffness or dryness at all,
As far as you can see there's no weighting, but here I think it's unnecessary, the hair looks so much tidier and nicer,
The shine of the hair is present, the product doesn't eat it up,
The product doesn't mess up your hair, you should wash it as usual,
But! But you yourself look what the ends of your hair look like. It doesn't take away the dryness, so I don't believe it will help badly damaged hair. Or if you do it as a course.
Constant DELIGHT hot wrap for damaged and weak hair with silk proteins
The hair is blow-dried. It's denser, smoother, maybe even a little healthier. Stopped splitting. Stopped breaking lengthways. Stopped tangling. Now I can run them between my fingers and they won't get stuck. Just wow!
The hair feels noticeably softer and silkier to the touch. Shiny in the sun, sparks in my eyes. I can't say anything about the ends, I'm waiting for an appointment with my hairdresser to cut them off. I think the only thing that saves the split ends is a pair of scissors. No volume, but it's easy to create with styling products.

Yes, the effect won't haunt you for 2-3 months, as it does with salon lamination. But it won't disappear at the next wash either. Approximately 2-3 weeks is enough to enjoy the good looks of your hair. The treatment is then repeated. Like any lamination, the Constant Hot Wrap has a cumulative effect. Therefore, each time the result gets better and better. And what is particularly pleasing is that it is cheaper and cheaper...


The cost of the treatment depends on the length of your hair. The approximate price ranges from 500 to 1000 roubles. The longer the hair, the more expensive the treatment will be. The cost also depends on additional services. If styling is involved the price can be higher by 300-400 rubles. It all depends on the particular salon.

Warning! To avoid any unfortunate surprises, it is advisable to check the price before starting the treatment. The cost can be higher for very thick hair, as it uses more product.

What products are used for the procedure

What products are used for wraps:

  • Constant Delight Hot Wrap. The approximate cost is around 600 roubles. Contains silk proteins, which restore the hair, leaving it shiny and silky. The advantage of the product is the visible effect after the first use. The hair becomes softer and easier to comb. The disadvantage is the high consumption of the product and the need to wash it out thoroughly.
  • Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctorsFaberlic Hot Wrap. The approximate price is from 500 roubles. This product contains keratin, which helps to restore hair structure. This product has the following advantages: it eliminates electrification and tangles, eliminates brittleness and gives softness. The disadvantage is the uneconomical packaging.
  • Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctorsCoconut oil. It is often used for hot wraps. The approximate cost of the product is from 300 roubles per pack. It is useful for weakened, dry and colour-damaged hair. The advantage of the composition is the economical consumption, intensive hydration and elimination of brittleness. The disadvantage is the discomfort during rinsing.
  • Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctorsJojoba oil. The approximate price is from 400 roubles per pack. The advantage of this hot wrap is that it deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair. This oil is particularly suitable after a melting or perming procedure. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to rinse the product from the head.

Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctors

Oil-based remedies are recommended for use at home. They are considered the safest to use.

Before and after photos

Hot hair wrap reviews

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The hot hair wrap procedure is equally suitable for both women and men, as long as all the rules and cautions are followed.

How the procedure is carried out

In a beauty salon, the procedure usually takes an hour to complete. A hot wrap consists of several important steps.

  1. To begin with, the professional should wash your tresses, then apply the necessary mixture to the damp strands by preheating them in a water bath.
  2. Next, cover the hair with cling film and wrap it in a warm towel. Wait about half an hour and then rinse the mixture off the hair.
  3. The final step should be the use of a serum that can preserve the final result.

Can the procedure be carried out at home

A hot wrap can be done at home. It is safest to use oils for this, although professional products can also be used, but only with caution and in accordance with the instructions.

The benefits of a home treatment:

  • cost savings;
  • the possibility of carrying out the procedure at a convenient time;
  • you can improve the condition of your hair without having to go to a salon.

The downside:

  • You can damage your hair if you use the wrong professional products;
  • Uncomfortable to apply to long hair;
  • formulations take a long time to rinse out;
  • the effect is not the same as after the salon.

Warning! Only wear gloves when applying the wrap.

How many treatments will be needed

If the hair is in normal condition, the treatment can be done once. You can repeat the wrap once every 1-2 months to prevent problems from occurring. However, if your hair is damaged, you will need at least 5-7 treatments every 1-2 weeks. The exact number of treatments depends on the composition used by the specialist.

  • In normal hair conditions or with a mild degree of damage, results can be noticed after the first session. However, in severe cases the effect will only be visible after 3-4 treatments. The result lasts for at least 2-3 weeks. It depends on how often you wash your hair.
  • Home wraps can be repeated every week if oil, not silk proteins, is to be used. In the latter case, it is recommended to use this method no more than once every 2-3 weeks.
Description of procedure

A wrap helps transform hair after the first application, leaving it shiny and healthy-looking. It is the most effective way to restore the damaged structure, deep nourish, save strands from brittleness and dryness.

Hot hair wrap reviews by trichologist doctorsA special formulation forces the cuticle scales to open up and nutrients and repair agents to penetrate deep beneath them. This is facilitated by the high temperature and the duration of the treatment (at least 30 minutes).

Types of wraps that are done in salons, depending on the active ingredient:

  • collagen
  • silk
  • oil
  • Dairy
  • keratinous

As you can see, the basis for repairing damage is protein (more precisely peptides, amino acids), of which hair shafts are originally composed, as well as oils for nourishment.

This procedure is easy to do at home. However, don't get carried away: doing it more often than once every 2-4 weeks can over-detoxify the strands, causing them to stick together and become lumpy. If this does happen, use a deep cleansing shampoo and don't use masks or nourishing balms.

Contraindications: damage to the scalp, exacerbation of skin conditions. We recommend treating the skin first if there are problems and then working on restoring the length.


Hot hair wraps are a quite popular treatment offered by many beauty salons around the world. It is capable of restoring the structure from the roots and affecting the bulbs. Thanks to the availability of several specialised cosmetics, girls can choose the right product for them and, importantly, get the desired effect at home.

It is very important to follow the instructions and all the manufacturers' recommendations, and to rule out any contraindications.

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