Food film wraps reviews by cosmetologists

Food film wraps reviews by cosmetologists
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Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin
Removing waste products and toxins
Improved skin tone
Getting rid of fatty deposits and stretch marks
Some wrap formulations may not be suitable for you

Key points

Wraps are a set of treatments for slimming, shaping and modelling your body, using therapeutic and cosmetic products. When wrapping, the effect is enhanced by a film, which creates a sauna effect.

Pros and cons of the food wrap procedure

Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin
Removing waste products and toxins
Improved skin tone
Getting rid of fatty deposits and stretch marks
Some wrap formulations may not be suitable for you

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Dolgorukova Yulia Yurievna
Massage therapist, body shaper
A cosmetic wrap is one of women's favourite treatments. A special composition is applied to the body and then wrapped in a film or cloth. You simply lie back and enjoy the experience, while rejuvenation or fat-burning processes are initiated in your body. While you lie back on the comfy couch, the active ingredients penetrate the skin and work wonders. The metabolism is activated, the skin is infused with vitamins and minerals, toxins are removed and irregularities are smoothed out.
Evgeniya Viktorovna Chipak
Aesthetic beautician
In the first stage, you will be traditionally examined and counselled by a specialist. He will choose the type of wrap that suits you best. Now it's time for your treatment. You lie down on a comfortable and soft couch and the careful hands gently apply the necessary cosmetic composition to your skin. The pleasant sensation begins at this stage: the scent of fruit or chocolate fills the air and the body relaxes to the touch. The composition is applied and either a film or a special cloth is gently but firmly placed over it. Now the treatment has really begun. You just lie there, imagining your beautifully rejuvenated skin, while the nourishing composition turns your dreams into reality.
Khestanova Tamara Zaurovna
Hirudotherapist, nutritionist, reflexologist
The number of treatments required is determined by the doctor, based on the degree of obesity and the individual characteristics of the client. The minimum course consists of seven treatments, the average course consists of twelve treatments. To get rid of severe cellulite, 17 to 20 treatments are required. After using the course, preventive sessions should be carried out a couple of times every 30 days.

Opinion of reputable international sources on cling film wrapping

There is currently no freely available information on the research carried out on cling film wraps.


How do wraps work?
Do you need to prepare for the procedure, is a recovery period required?
Are there rules about wrapping in clingfilm?
What makes cling film unique?

Home weight loss wraps are strictly prohibited for people with the following chronic health problems:

Hypertension. A weight loss wrap has an effect on blood circulation, which can pose a serious risk to hypertensive people.

Varicose veins. The ban is linked to changes in blood circulation: if new blood flows to your legs, the increased pressure will only make the situation worse.

Gynaecological diseases, heart failure, elevated body temperature. When the oxygen supply to an area of the skin is cut off, the body is stressed and tries to cool it down with double/triple the strength. This poses a danger to the weakened body.

It is also not recommended to use the film during pregnancy and critical days, in case of kidney diseases and damage to the top layer of the skin areas (pus formation and poor wound healing are fraught with danger). Another important contraindication is any cancer.

Indications for cling film wraps
  • Cellulite
  • The need for body shaping
  • Striae (stretch marks) on the body
  • High levels of toxins in the subcutaneous fat layer
  • Swelling
  • Dry skin
  • Acne
  • Joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis)
  • Rheumatism
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

Feedback from private users

It is an excellent and cheaper alternative to belts and shorts for weight loss. As it works in an identical way. To enhance the properties of an anti-cellulite cream, for example, 20 minutes is sufficient. During this time, all the substances will enter the bloodstream. In this case there will be no reduction in body volume, but the skin will be glossy.

Also excellent for combating cellulite. All the active ingredients penetrate better. I often put all the most effective (and expensive) creams under the film.

For quick nourishing and moisturising skin - love it too! A nourishing/moisturising cream under a film for 20 minutes greatly improves the appearance of the skin:)
If you have a lot of extra weight, wraps will only improve the quality of your skin on the outside - you won't burn fat or remove cellulite.

Wraps definitely work when combined with other treatments.
To get rid of the terrible cellulite is real! In just two months, I was able to dramatically change the condition of my body, reduce cellulite and improve the condition of my skin and lose weight.

I've been fighting cellulite in combination, but it's the wraps that have been the most powerful weapon against this problem.


The cost of the cling film starts at 25 roubles, but the procedure at the clinic starts at 700 roubles. It's also worth bearing in mind the cost of the wrap ingredients.

Types of wraps

In isothermal wraps, the cosmetic composition used is at body temperature, and the beneficial effects are carried out at the expense of the therapeutic ingredients. Hot treatments are optimal for deeper penetration of the active ingredients into the skin and rapid absorption. They are also called fat-burning or anti-cellulite treatments.

These are effective wraps for losing weight and correcting body contours. The effect can be general or local, i.e. on problem areas (stomach, thighs, etc.).

A cold wrap has pronounced anti-oedematous properties due to the increased outflow of lymph from the tissues. In addition, the body starts to break down fat at an accelerated rate to produce heat. As a result of active heat exchange there is a reduction in the size and appearance of cellulite. After these treatments, the figure looks tighter and the skin relief is smoother.

Other benefits of cold wraps include:

  • a noticeable lifting effect;
  • a significant increase in the tone of the skin;
  • the removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • speeding up metabolic processes.

There are also contrast wraps. They involve applying a cold composition on some parts of the body and a hot one on others.

Mud wrap

The therapeutic muds contain a large number of trace elements: phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, chromium, bromine and iron. Once applied, they penetrate into the body through the pores and are absorbed into the tissues and bloodstream, thus speeding up metabolism, slowing down ageing processes and energy production. Visually, the effect is expressed as a reduction in swelling and an increase in skin firmness.

Honey mustard wraps

Honey is a unique product that has a positive effect on the metabolism and the immune system, while mustard has a strong warming effect that dilates blood vessels and activates circulation. In combination, these substances have the following effects The complex effect:

  • the skin becomes supple and soft;
  • the "orange peel" is smoothed out;
  • toxins, waste products and excess fluid are eliminated from the body;
  • Your skin's natural colour is restored;
  • body volume decreases.

Chocolate wrap

Chocolate masks are pleasant and effective thanks to the caffeine, which activates the natural fat-burning process. The result is the removal of excess fluid and the reduction of cellulite.

This wrap for losing weight on the sides, stomach and other problem areas has a pronounced effect and also boosts your mood and stress tolerance.

Algae wrap (alginate wrap)

Alginate is an extract from seaweed (kelp) containing vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, D. It has moisturising, regenerating and bactericidal properties. A course of seaweed wraps removes toxins from tissues, boosts immune defences, normalises blood circulation, improves the overall condition of the skin and eliminates lumps of cellulite.

Before and after photos

Food wrap reviews

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Suitable for women and men of any age - the procedure has minimal contraindications, so it can be performed by those who want to take care of their physical fitness and those who simply want to consolidate success and enjoy a pleasurable sensation.

How the procedure is carried out

Swaddling lasts for an average of 60 minutes. The preliminary stage involves cleansing the correction zones with a scrub and massage. The following is the pattern.

  1. The prepared area is treated with active serums containing horse chestnut, ivy and other ingredients. This enhances the swaddling effect in the process.
  2. A bandage is applied following the direction of blood flow - from bottom to top.
  3.  The "packed" patient is wrapped in a special film and placed in an infrared heat capsule for 40 minutes.
  4. After 25-30 minutes, the wrap is removed, after which the patient takes a shower.
  5. As a final step, the treated body areas are coated with a layer of a suitable cream for the problem.

During the exposure, the patient experiences sensations ranging from a slight chill in the first few minutes to the comfort of total relaxation and perspiration in the final stages.

Description of procedure

Beauty salons, beauty parlours and spas have long offered chocolate, honey, mustard or cold wraps. Let's find out what they are and why many clients feel their skin becomes more supple after these treatments, many also notice a slimming effect. Let's look at the film wrap through the lens of positive and negative effects.

Let's start with the positives:

  1. The drainage of excess fluid. If you've ever tried to lose weight, you've noticed that the first 3-4 kilos go off very quickly. Then it gets harder and harder to achieve a good result. This is because in the first few days or weeks the body gets rid of excess fluid. The elimination of moisture from the body can be effectively achieved by wrapping in clingfilm without the need for any additional products. The logic is simple: on the skin area under the film, the body stops breathing, overheats, the body tries to cool the problem skin area and excretes a lot of sweat.
  2. The fight against 'orange peel'. If you combine the film with effective slimming techniques, such as a hot wrap, the skin can regain its elasticity and tone. A hot wrap is one way to do this, but you need to choose the right treatment. It is also recommended to soak the skin under the foil with honey, mustard, chocolate or other active ingredients.
  3. Combat swelling, heaviness in the legs. A cold wrap can quickly relieve tension and fatigue in the legs. Pain and swelling after prolonged exercise can go away quite quickly. But it is important to distinguish between swelling due to excessive fatigue and swelling caused by heart or vascular disease.

We're getting to the negative aspects of cling wrap. The first one is the ineffectiveness of its use for weight loss. If it is used in combination with other means, diet, good nutrition and exercise, a positive effect is indeed possible.

As a standalone weight-loss remedy, no. The second point is the large number of contraindications. Closing off the skin area to air is a dangerous venture in the presence of many chronic pathologies.

Why cellulite appears

The main causes of cellulite are distinguished:

  • A woman's intake of the wrong foods. The cellular processes and the speed of digestion depend on what kind of food a woman eats and how often she eats it. Orange peel is caused by both a lack and an excess of the wrong foods. Lack of vitamin foods and frequent consumption of fast food cause cellulite.
  • An environment with a bad ecology. If external factors regularly affect the body, toxins accumulate in the body. The consequence is an imbalanced lipid balance and an increase in body weight.
  • In the absence of muscle tone, the skin becomes flabby, which serves as a suitable environment for the emergence and development of cellulite.
  • Spinal disorders cause nerve endings and blood vessels to be trapped and blood flow to the buttocks, thighs and lower legs to be impaired.
  • Lack of activity. Frequent sitting or lying down disturbs blood and lymph circulation, resulting in crusts on the thighs and buttocks.
  • Hormonal imbalance. The appearance of cellulite occurs during adolescence when there is a hormonal surge. The skin becomes lumpy with an abnormal menstrual cycle, maternity or menopause.
  • Stress condition. As a result of nervous tension, the adrenal glands malfunction and the water balance is disturbed. Stress is caused when a woman eats uncontrollably.
  • Antidepressants, hormones cause fluid stagnation in the tissues, and orange peel appears as a side effect of the medication used.
  • As the body ages, skin tone decreases, metabolic processes slow down and fatty tissue accumulates. When cellulite is diagnosed at an older age, it is more difficult to get rid of it.
  • A hereditary factor. If an immediate family member has cellulite on their skin, there is a high risk of a similar skin problem.
  • Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco. Excessive alcohol and tobacco use cause vascular disorders and constriction, causing congestion.


For fantastic results, film wraps are supplemented with sports training, which enhances the calorie-burning effect by active sweating. The result is already visible after the second workout: subcutaneous fat and unwanted water are gone from the body, and the skin is silky and firm.

So regular exercise and a wrap can help you get into the shape you've always dreamed of. That's to say: build muscle, add body definition and reduce fat deposits. The technique is popular with both women and men.

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