Facial darsonvalisation reviews by beauty therapists

Facial darsonvalisation reviews by beauty therapists
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Reduces pain sensation;
Saturates the cells with oxygen;
Relieves swelling.
There are contraindications.

Key points

This treatment is only done with a special machine that applies microimpulses of current to the skin. The procedure can be performed contact or non-contact and is effective in both cases.

Darsonvalisation is particularly suitable for those with persistent skin problems and helps to cope with them.

Pros and cons of the darsonvalisation procedure

Pros and cons
Improves blood circulation;
Saturates the cells with oxygen;
Relieves swelling;
Reduces inflammation and itching;
Activates local immunity;
Improves the tissue regeneration process and increases tone;
Reduces pain sensation;
Stimulates hair growth.
There are contraindications.

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists and trichologists

Tuktanova Julia Nikolaevna
Beauty therapist
D'Arsonval, or darsonvalisation, is a form of physiotherapy that is over a century old. In spite of this long history, the method is still actively used in various fields of medicine and cosmetology. It is often just as effective as innovative hardware treatments.
Oderyakov Sergey Alexandrovich
Head doctor at the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine
You will see: useful things can be very pleasant. The healing process is accompanied by a pleasant tingling sensation, the measured crackling of the glass electrode and the smell of ozone.
Valentina Dmitrievna Zakharenkova
Physiotherapist of the highest qualification category, paediatrician
The effectiveness of the method in treating various diseases has been proven in clinical studies. The effectiveness of the treatment is enhanced when it is combined with topical medication, whose absorption is improved by the electrical impulses.
Elena Alexeyevna Kalugina
Darsonvalisation is only carried out by a physiotherapist when prescribed by your doctor. To rule out any contraindications, the doctor may prescribe the necessary laboratory and instrumental examinations to determine the clinical picture of the disease.
Darsonvalisation is primarily an appliance-based physiotherapy procedure. But nowadays it is also actively used in cosmetology to revitalise the skin. Darsonvalisation is based on the application of low-frequency electric current to the skin.

The method takes its name from the French physiologist and physicist Jacques Arsène d'Arsonval. In common parlance, darsonvalisation is often referred to as "darsonval".

Opinion of reputable international sources on darsonvalisation

Results of clinical trials of the avd-m apparatus and the drug vacuum darsonvalisation method
Authors: L. A. Nikiforenkov, A. V. Volotovskaya, A. N. Mumin2, G. V. Zobnina, E. D. Bragina
Purpose of the study: to conduct a clinical trial of the developed multifunctional AVD-M vacuum darsonvalization apparatus and to study the therapeutic efficacy of the proposed method of drug-
Vacuum darsonvalisation in patients with widespread inflammatory-degenerative disease


Osteochondrosis of the spine. All patients in the pre-treatment groups showed persistent statico-dynamic impairments (difficulty with self-care, mobility, inability to
Lifting heavy weights), pain of varying severity (mild to severe pain syndrome), positive tension symptoms, and tonic muscle tension.

After completing the treatment on day 16 of the clinical trial, patients showed a reduction in pain intensity scores.

Osteoarthritis. Data from a clinical trial showed that all patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee had pain on walking, at rest and at night as their main complaint.

After a course of standard and LVD therapy with Ibuprofen ointment on day 20 of the study, there was a reduction in the intensity (severity) of clinical changes in the above criteria and their indices. A decrease in the intensity of pain was established.

Conclusion: The method of medicinal vacuum darsonvalization having local anti-inflammatory, trophostimulating, vasoactive and analgesic effect is reasonable to include in the complex treatment of patients with chronic gingivitis, reflex syndromes of cervical and lumbar spinal osteochondrosis manifestation (cervicalgia, lumbalgia), coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis.


How does darsonvalisation work?
What effect can we expect?
What are the benefits of the darsonval?
How does the darsonval work?
Types of darsonval
Can this method be used on the skin of any area of the body?
Can I use a darsonval to get rid of bags under my eyes?
How many darsonvalisation sessions are needed to get a visible effect from the treatments?
Can darsonvalisation be combined with other physiotherapy treatments?
The benefits of darsonvalisation

The result a patient receives after a darsonvalisation treatment is a reduction in the intensity of pain and inflammation.

The effect of darsonvalisation is achieved through its beneficial effects on the entire body: blood flow and tissue regeneration are stimulated, metabolism is activated, toxins are eliminated from the body, muscular tension is relieved and wound healing is accelerated. In addition, darsonvalisation has an antibacterial effect and helps to activate lipolysis of fatty tissue and the production of sebaceous glands.

All this combined helps to relieve the symptoms of many conditions for which this method of physiotherapy is indicated.


The contraindications to this procedure are as follows:

  • oncology;
  • pregnancy;
  • systemic blood diseases;
  • pronounced atherosclerosis;
  • decompensation of cardiac activity;
  • fever;
  • active pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • bleeding; epilepsy and other mental health problems;
  • presence of metal dentures, pins in the area to be treated;
  • individual intolerance to electric current;
  • hypertrichosis.
Side effects of the procedure
  • Excessive facial hair growth. Pulsed currents improve the nutrition of the hair follicles. The hair grows faster. The hair becomes stiffer and the fuzz turns into hair shafts.
  • Risk of congenital abnormalities. Exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause abnormalities in chromosomes and cause the fetus to develop abnormalities.
  • The risk of developing a repeat stroke. If less than 6 months have passed since the cerebral circulation disorder, there is an increased chance of a repeat haemorrhage. The risk is associated with an increase in general and cerebral circulation.
  • Local skin reactions. Under the influence of the charged ions, histamine is released, which causes an allergic reaction in patients with an individual intolerance to electric current.
Indications for darsonvalisation

The darsonvalisation procedure has a wide range of indications:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • Stage 1-2 hypertension;
  • cardialgia syndrome (pain in the heart area);
  • varicose veins of the lower limbs and haemorrhoids;
  • trophic ulcers of various origins;
  • atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels;
  • Obliterative endarteritis (chronic vascular disease, mainly of the arteries of the lower limbs).

Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system:

  • cardiac-type neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • neurasthenia, neurosis, insomnia;
  • Vascular dystonia;
  • migraine;
  • a history of damage to the spinal cord and brain;
  • chronic skin diseases of neurogenic and allergic aetiology;
  • peripheral nerve injuries with pain in the area of innervation (neuralgia), neuritis;
  • urinary incontinence due to CNS and peripheral nerve dysfunction;
  • spinal disorders of various origins (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, etc.)
  • Raynaud's syndrome with poor circulation in the arteries and vessels of the hands and feet;
  • radiculopathy (a complex symptom pathology associated with compression of the spinal cord roots);
  • neuromyositis (damage to muscle fibres and the nerves in their area);
  • complications of inflammations of the trigeminal, facial and auditory nerves;
  • menopausal syndrome in women.

Skin and subcutaneous fat layer abnormalities:

  • Dermatoses and dermatitis of various etiologies;
  • inflammation of the skin (acne, acne, boils, carbuncles, etc.)
  • Sebaceous gland dysfunction;
  • red squamous tetter;
  • inflammation and scars after surgery.

Respiratory and ENT organ disorders:

  • bronchitis, tracheitis;
  • chronic sinusitis;
  • rhinitis of various etiologies;
  • sensorineural hearing loss;
  • external otitis media;
  • inflammations of a dental nature (stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis, etc.)

Diseases of the genital sphere:

  • in women: inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vulva, vagina (colpitis), cervical canal (endocervicitis), cervical erosions, postpartum trauma and bleeding, cystitis;
  • in men: erectile dysfunction, inflammation of the prostate gland.

Musculoskeletal disorders:

  • degenerative changes in the joints;
  • arthritis of various etiologies;
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine;
  • pain and muscle inflammation.

D'Arsonvalisation is not suitable for malignant neoplasms, leukaemia, pregnancy and individual current intolerance.

Feedback from private users

D'Arsonval does not dry the skin or irritate it. The current therapy dries up the rashes, disinfects and destroys pathogenic bacteria. For the face I prefer the Petal head

If you apply a spot treatment, the inflammation is already noticeably reduced on the second or third day.

Do I recommend darsonvalisation? Yes! A salon treatment or two to familiarise yourself and then it's better to switch to home and much more economical use. The list of indications for the procedure is quite long, so for many problems the device will be appropriate.
The darsonvalisation was only part of the treatment. However, it was very significant - the skin became smooth after the first use, the oiliness of the skin was reduced (reduction of sebum activity), redness was reduced right before my eyes (even under the first session the effect was striking), inflammation dried up and acne matured faster, as if pushed out, stagnant spots from acne were dissolved faster. Miracle effect).
D'Arsonval for clear skin on the face and for cervical osteochondrosis.

And some time ago I got numbness in my hands due to osteochondrosis, and my physiotherapist prescribed d'Arsonval to improve blood circulation, which I took after a course of electrophoresis with eufillin.

The result.

My physiotherapy started with electrophoresis, which improved my condition somewhat. And darsenalisation was the final stage. By the end of the course, the numbness in my hands was no longer a problem.

I don't know how much longer this effect will last, a few weeks after finishing the course the numbness sometimes occurs at night, but when you change position it immediately goes away.


The specialist doctor determines the necessary number of services depending on the indications on a case-by-case basis and informs the patient of the final cost of the appointment (number (volume) and cost of services) before the start of the service.


Although the darsonval device is available for home use and easy to use, the best and safest results can only be achieved in the hands of an experienced beautician, who will determine the most effective modes of use and application points of the device to achieve maximum holistic healing and rejuvenation of your entire body, taking into account possible contraindications.

Before and after photos

Facial darsonvalisation reviews by beauty therapists

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The darsonvalisation treatment helps both women and men.

How the procedure is carried out

  1. The patient is in a lying or sitting position during the procedure.
  2. The cosmetic surgeon treats the problem areas with an electrode, a glass tube filled with gas. A discharge is generated inside the tube, which has a therapeutic effect.
  3. Due to the low current intensity, the patient does not feel any pain or burning sensation.
  4. Darsonvalisation is carried out in a course of 5 to 10 treatments. It is recommended to undergo it daily or every other day.
  5. There may be some redness and slight swelling after the session, which disappears after 24 hours.
Description of procedure

D'Arsonvalisation is a physiotherapeutic treatment that involves applying a high voltage, high frequency, low intensity pulsed current to various areas of the body. The method is named after d'Arsonval, the physicist who developed it.

The therapeutic effects of darsonvalisation are realised through the following effects:

  • Enhancement of microcirculation in the area by eliminating vascular spasm and dilating arterioles and capillaries;
  • Increase venous tone, which leads to a reduction in venous stasis and an increase in venous outflow;
  • Stimulation of phagocytosis by the formation of microscopic foci of necrosis (arising from the spark discharge);
  • the release of biologically active substances under the influence of electric current;
  • Bactericidal effect due to the formation of ozone and active radicals in the contact zone.

Darsonvalisation improves skin elasticity and enhances hair growth by stimulating hair follicle cells. This physiotherapy treatment is actively used in cosmetology to prevent wrinkles and hair loss.

What is included in the service?
  1. Consultation with a beautician on darsonval treatments.
  2. Demake-up.
  3. The beautician sets the desired intensity of the device.
  4. The treatment is applied in light, smooth movements, following the massage lines.
  5. There are two types of exposure, "silent discharge" and "spark discharge".
  6. In "silent discharge" mode, the electrode is in full contact with the patient's skin. The patient should feel warm at this time. A slight tingling sensation may occur. Quiet shock is used to increase blood flow, administer medication and tone the skin. For atonic skin with reduced turgor and a tendency to form premature wrinkles
  7. "The Spark Discharge is designed to actively cauterise and decontaminate the skin.
  8. Exposure is through an air gap, at a distance of 1 to 4 mm from the skin. The patient feels a tingling sensation and a strong odour of ozone. A discharge takes place between the nozzle and the skin, in the form of a small lightning bolt in blue or red. The colour of the discharge varies depending on the inert gas in the tube.
  9. To improve electrode glide, we recommend applying cosmetic talcum powder or baby powder to the skin.
  10. To treat inflammation and acne, you can place a dry, sterile, gauze cloth over the area to be treated.
  11. To activate metabolic processes in the skin, oxygenate it, reduce skin greasiness and porosity, darsonvalisation is performed using the "silent discharge" method at low to medium power, on talcum powder or cosmetic preparations for 5-8 minutes.
  12. For the treatment of inflammatory, pustular processes, the procedure is performed with the "spark discharge" method at medium to high power through an air gap of 1-4mm in short, cauterising pulses. Darsonvalisation procedures should be performed daily or every other day. The course of treatments is from 10 to 20 sessions.
  13. An electrode comb is used to treat the scalp. The hair must be dry and clean. Remove all metal hairpins from the patient's head. Gently guide the electrode from the forehead to the back of the head at low to medium power for 5-15 minutes, without air gap, using the "silent discharge" method. Treatment course of 10 to 30 treatments daily or every other day.
  14. For cellulite treatment, darsonvalisation is performed over the entire surface using the "silent discharge" method at medium to high power. The electrode moves smoothly in a circular motion, following the current of the lymph flow, from bottom to top. After the treatment, an anti-cellulite product is applied to the skin. The treatment course consists of 15 to 30 sessions daily or every other day. The course can be repeated 3 to 4 times a year.


D'Arsonval, or darsonvalisation, is a form of physiotherapy that is over a century old. In spite of this long history, the method is still actively used in various fields of medicine and cosmetology. It is often just as effective as innovative hardware treatments.

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