Coffee wrap reviews by cosmetologists

Coffee wrap reviews by cosmetologists
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Improve skin elasticity and firmness
Anti-cellulite effect
Cleansing of detergents and toxins
Allergic reactions are possible.

Key points

Coffee wraps are one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It is a relatively cheap and at the same time effective way of combating cellulite and excess weight. The beneficial properties of coffee grounds are due to their chemical composition.

It includes caffeine, minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Caffeine is widely used as a fat burner.

It is good for promoting weight loss, both externally and internally. But while frequent consumption of coffee in beverage form can increase the appearance of cellulite, coffee wraps, on the other hand, effectively smooth the skin, tighten it and reduce the appearance of "orange peel".

Pros and cons of the coffee wrap procedure

Antioxidant effect that prevents ageing (green grains only)
Prevents water retention in cells
Stimulation of biological processes in cells
Activation of lipolysis
Improve skin elasticity and firmness
Anti-cellulite effect
Moisturise and nourish the skin
Improved skin texture and colour: it becomes pleasant to the touch and velvety
Stimulation of mental and physical activity, toning up of nervous fatigue
Strengthening the body contour
Stimulating effect on blood vessels
Cleansing of detergents and toxins
The course of a coffee wrap consists of 10-12 treatments, 2-3 days between each session.
Allergic reactions are possible.

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Alla Vladimirovna Ryabova
Venereologist, cosmetologist, dermatologist, dermatological oncologist
The main bonus of caffeine is its effect on an enzyme called phosphodiesterase. As a result of this effect, metabolism in tissues is accelerated and glycogenolysis and lipolysis are stimulated. It is this effect that is so sought after in cosmetic products that act on fatty tissue: creams and gels, wraps, even mesococktails and nutritional supplements). The compositions of weight loss and body shaping wraps are not worth mentioning. It should not be forgotten that coffee is an aphrodisiac, which adds a little spice to the process.
Slobodyanyuk Oksana Sergeevna
Venereologist, cosmetologist, dermatologist, mycologist
There are many types of wraps and even more active ingredients. Choose the option that suits you best. If you don't know what to choose, consult a specialist. A qualified beautician will make a good programme for your individual case. Don't forget to test for allergies beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Tashtamirova Aina Osmanovna
Beauty therapist, plastic surgeon
The effectiveness of the treatments is usually quickly noticed. However, the wraps should only be performed in accordance with the basic rules and recommendations for the procedure.
Larisa Viktorovna Fotyanova
Beauty therapist
Wraps are now a leading treatment for improving the skin and body condition of women in the beauty salon. The procedure is quite simple - first a special mixture is applied to the body, which is chosen depending on the desired result, then the client is wrapped in clingfilm and rests for 40-60 minutes to achieve the maximum effect.
Marina Dmitrievna Loseva
Cosmetologist, dermatologist, nutritionist
You can only guarantee a positive result with a wrap if the procedure is performed by a professional. The technique involves the use of special products of various kinds. An experienced practitioner first examines the patient and determines which of the products and types of wraps will be most effective in each individual case.

Opinion of reputable international sources on coffee wraps

There is currently no freely available information on the research carried out on coffee wraps.


What precautions are there?
What kind of coffee to use?
Combination with other treatments
What effect do the wraps have?
How does coffee work on cellulite?
How many treatments does it take to get visible results?


Benefits of a coffee wrap

Natural coffee contains vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides and essential oils that help to detoxify and detoxify the body. In addition, coffee activates the process of breaking down fats and their subsequent elimination to the outside. Coffee wraps are therefore used to stimulate metabolic processes in cells, increase elasticity and combat cellulite.

Even a few treatments of a coffee wrap can significantly improve the colour, appearance and condition of the skin, as well as "tightening" the body contours.

Cosmetologists recommend the coffee wrap for cellulite and overweight, flabby, slack skin, when you want to tighten the skin and stimulate metabolic processes in the body. After the wrap it is advisable to refrain from eating for 1-2 hours and not visiting a solarium for 7-8 hours.

It is possible to regain body beauty by following the rules of the wrapping procedure. You can't expect a quick effect, but after a couple of months you will notice positive result:

  • the outline of the figure becomes clearer;
  • the skin looks, smooth, well-groomed and taut;
  • excess body fluid is lost, thereby reducing weight;
  • my legs are no longer swollen;
  • cellulite becomes less visible;
  • the skin regains a healthy colour.

But body beauty isn't just about wraps. A treatment won't help you lose those extra pounds if you don't eat a healthy diet and exercise at the same time!


The coffee wrap beauty recipes introduced in beauty salons and used at home have virtually no contraindications. In some cases, it is better to consult a specialist before carrying out the procedure:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • gynaecological diseases,
  • kidney disease,
  • varicose veins,
  • allergies,
  • diabetes.

If there are no contraindications, it is quite realistic to regain your body's beauty with a coffee wrap. In practice, there are 2 methods - hot and cold. There are many wellness blends available - choose the one that suits your needs.

Restrictions and contraindications

Although beneficial, a coffee wrap can be detrimental to your health.

The procedure should not be carried out if any of the conditions listed above are present:

  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Diseases or problems of the cardiovascular system.
  • Gynaecological diseases.
  • Varicose limbs.
  • Any kind of cancer.
  • Kidney disease.
  • If you have a fever or feel unwell.

There are also a number of restrictions for healthy people:

  • Pregnancy
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin
  • Allergy to any component of the wrap
  • Girls during menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Deep scratches, rashes, wounds, abrasions on the wrapping area.

After the treatment, it is not recommended that you get too cold, engage in active sports or leisure activities, go to a sunbed for the next 14 days or take a shower for 8 hours.

It is also recommended that you do not eat for three hours to achieve the weight-loss effect.

A full course can help you lose up to three extra kilos without a strict diet and consists of 10-12 treatments, repeated no more often than every three days. After which a break of four to six months is recommended.

Indications for the coffee wrap

Coffee wraps can be indicated in the following cases:

  • cellulite,
  • eels,
  • Stretch marks on the abdomen and buttocks,
  • swelling,
  • dryness and flaking of the dermis.

Feedback from private users

Compliment Coffee & Orange Hot Drainage Wrap
The most visible result on the skin. The volume is going down a bit, but I think it's more the calorie deficit and the exercise I'm doing.
The skin, on the other hand, slowly tones up and tightens, thanks to improved blood circulation.
I've only lost 1.5kg in weight, but I can see my body tightening up. Although my waist and flanks still show the same figure as a week ago. The thighs, on the other hand, are a good minus.
The skin is firmer, more elastic, toned and feels very pleasant, like after a good exfoliation. There is less flabbiness and therefore less cellulite on the legs.

Coffee wrap reviews by cosmetologists

J'erelia Anti-Cellulite Draining Wrap Strunka Chocolate & Coffee
I just drenched my body with a towel and immediately felt how soft my skin had become. I mean, scrub is scrub, but a body wrap is something special. Of course, I could not lose weight from the first time. I don't think it will be possible even from the second and third time. You can't count on body wraps alone without changing your diet and getting some reasonable exercise.
But I can tell you that my skin has never been so soft, not just ever, but probably for a very long time. I kept touching the treated areas and couldn't believe it was possible to be so smooth. The mirror was also pleased, even at a glance it was clear that the skin texture was much better! Even with various twists and bends there was no that dreaded "orange peel" effect.
JAKA Coffee and chocolate body wrap
After a few uses, you can feel that the skin is softer and more moisturised. I can't say anything about cellulite, as I don't have much to contend with. I like the wrap itself.
This is the first time I've tried something like this and I realise that they do it in spas, which makes it even more enjoyable and I don't have to go anywhere. I just apply it to the right areas, wrap it in clingfilm and go about my business.
Body wrap Crimean Natural Collection "Chocolate + Coffee"
The result. It's certainly there, and it's not bad at all. After a month of regular use, my skin has really transformed! It has toned and firmed up, making my thighs look thinner and my cellulite less noticeable. However, I must point out that this is all combined with other methods and regular sporting activities!


The cost of the salon treatment depends on the composition used.

Coffee grounds wrap: best recipes

There are many ways to wrap with coffee grounds. The addition of various ingredients increases the effectiveness of the sessions and brings additional positive effects.

Here are some of the most common methods:

"Coffee and milk wrap"

Dilute three spoonfuls of ground coffee with hot milk until it forms a thick mass that is applied to the desired areas and wrapped in clingfilm. The treatment lasts for at least one hour.

"Honey and Coffee"

Mix coffee grounds and natural honey in the proportion one to two, buckwheat honey has the best effect. Grinded red pepper is added to the mixture - 1 teaspoon per half litre of mixture. Specialists do not recommend such a wrap for women with sensitive skin, although they recognise it as the most effective.

"Coffee and aromatic oils"

Adding various oils to the composition improves the quality of the treatment and helps you get an additional effect. Citrus oils should be added for those who want to improve anti-cellulite and fat-burning. Moisturising olive or linseed oils are recommended for people with delicate or dry skin. The recipe of mixing the mixture with oils is very simple - the oil is heated up to the highest possible temperature and mixed with already prepared standard coffee mixture. For a full body treatment, 50 ml of oil is sufficient.

"Cosmetic clay and coffee"

This method uses both blue and white clay. The difference in formulation is that when using blue, the composition is mixed in equal proportions and then poured with hot water. With white coffee it is necessary to dilute it in milk and the clay in water. The mixtures are then combined.

Before and after photos

Coffee wrap reviews by cosmetologists

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The coffee wrap procedure is popular with both women and men.

How the procedure is carried out

In the showroom

  1. Massage and peeling. First a superficial exfoliation and an anti-cellulite massage are performed. The peeled skin, whose blood vessels are better able to pump blood thanks to the massage, is able to absorb more nutrients.
  2. Coffee wrap. Coffee mass is prepared and applied in a thin layer to the problem area. The client is then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a warm blanket.
  3. Removing the mask. After 15-20 minutes, remove the foil and rinse off the coffee grounds under warm water in the shower.
  4. Moisturise. To consolidate the effect, clean skin is coated with an anti-cellulite cream.

At home

  1. Preparation for the coffee wrap. As in the salon, the first step is to cleanse the skin. A gentle exfoliation is carried out so that the beneficial substances can be absorbed better.
  2. Preparation of the mixture. 50-70 grams of coffee should be dissolved in hot water until it becomes a thick pulp. The mixture should be homogenous, lump-free and sour cream-like. Let the mixture cool down to +40 °C and apply to the skin. Then wrap in plastic wrap and cover with a blanket.
  3. Completion of the procedure. After 40-50 minutes, rinse the coffee grounds off under a warm shower and cover the skin with a moisturising cream.

Coffee wraps are best done in a salon, as they use professional products that have a more pronounced effect.

The average duration of a coffee wrap is 30-60 minutes.

Description of procedure

The treatments give the skin a supple, smooth and soft texture. The body is cleansed of toxins and impurities. Caffeine helps to accelerate the breakdown of fat and to remove it from the body quickly.

Often a coffee wrap for weight loss is used due to the effect of caffeine on metabolism and liposis in order to break down fat into fatty acid components. Even the external effect burns fat deposits in various parts of the body.

Wraps are performed on the parts of the body most often affected by fatty deposits and swelling.


  • feet;
  • stomach;
  • the upper arm area.

Specialists do not recommend covering with cling film:

  • neck;
  • shoulders;
  • chest.


A coffee wrap is a very useful and effective treatment available to every woman. Whether it's done in a salon or at home, the best results are achieved with regular sessions, with strict adherence to the rules and precautions.

The process improves skin health, eliminates excess fluid from the body, corrects the figure and allows you to be energised for days to come.

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