Honey wrap reviews from cosmetologists

Honey wrap reviews from cosmetologists
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Swelling and cellulite are reduced;
The relief of the skin is smoothed out;
Volumes are decreasing;
The immune system improves.
Allergic reactions are possible.
Unstable results.

Key points

A honey wrap is an all-purpose cellulite remedy that helps dissolve fat deposits without traumatising the skin.

Pros and cons of the honey wrap procedure

Swelling and cellulite are reduced;
Volumes are decreasing;
The skin tightens;
The relief of the skin is smoothed out;
The skin becomes supple and elastic;
Oxygen enters the blood and the metabolism is boosted;
The waste and toxins are eliminated;
The immune system improves.
Allergic reactions are possible.
Duration of the session. The manipulation of the wrap takes around two hours on average.
Unstable results.

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Alla Sergeevna Salikova
Body shaper, cosmetic aesthetician
A honey wrap is one of the most effective and powerful treatments for the skin and tissues of the human body. As an effective cosmetic treatment, body wraps based on liquid bee honey are highly popular.
 Larisa Tamazova
dermatologist, cosmetologist
The unique composition of honey is very similar to human blood plasma, which explains why it is so effective for the body. A greenhouse effect is created in the area of the wrap, metabolic processes are activated, blood circulation is boosted and the work of sweat and sebaceous glands is intensified. As a result, the areas wrapped in the special foil are emptied of toxins and the body is purified.
Elena Nikolaevna Tokareva
venereologist, hirudotherapist, dermatologist, cosmetologist
A honey wrap is an affordable and effective treatment that helps to get rid of many cosmetic problems like stretch marks, cellulite, subcutaneous fat, pale skin colour and many others in a short period of time. The skin becomes healthier, more youthful and has a pleasant appearance.
Olga Leonidovna Sedykh
dermatologist, cosmetologist
The main advantage of this method is its high effectiveness. The products needed for the wrap are available and inexpensive. It is possible to perform the procedure even at home.

The disadvantages include the presence of contraindications to the honey wrap. Honey is a food product and there is a risk of allergy. Another disadvantage is the rather long period of application of the wrap itself. Depending on the individual, it may even take up to 2 hours.

Opinion of authoritative sources on honey wrap

Bobro S.G., Gurtovskaya A.O.
National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv, Ukraine
A honey cellulite wrap is one of the most effective treatments around the world and is on every beauty salon's list of services.

Honey wraps are divided into two types:

Cold - this involves the use of unheated raw materials applied to individual areas. In addition to applying the honey to the body, it involves active movements to warm up the muscles. The treatment is effective when cellulite is not too noticeable.

Hot - application of the material warmed up to +40 ... +45°C on parts of the body where cellulite is more visible and covered with cling film. After all manipulation wrap up with a warm plaid and lie down. The procedure takes 30-40 minutes.

Carrying out the honey wrap procedure

The skin should be cleansed with a scrub, exfoliated and massaged, and steamed under hot water.

Then apply the honey to the problem areas and wrap tightly in clingfilm. The wrapping time is twenty to thirty minutes. Then rinse off the rest of the honey and rest for 20-30 minutes. Do not go outside immediately after the procedure.

Honey wrap recipes.

Cellulite wraps with honey can be done in several ways

Honey with essential oil

You will need natural honey and any essential oil to prepare the wrap. Lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, cypress, etc. oils are especially good for weight loss. It is sufficient to drop 2-3 drops into the honey and stir. The duration of the wrap at home is 40 minutes. The treatment is performed 2 - 3 times a week, the course is two months.

Honey with milk

Take natural flower honey and mix it with natural milk in a 1:2 ratio. Apply the mixture to cleansed skin and wrap in cling film. Rinse off after 40-50 minutes with cool water.

Honey and mustard

To make it, take liquid natural honey and regular mustard powder in a 1:1 ratio. Two drops of orange essential oil can be added. The wrap may sting on the skin during the procedure. The duration of the procedure is 40-50 minutes and then rinse off with water. Wrap every other day for a course of 10-15 sessions.


- Allergy to honey and any bee products;

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- Varicose veins;

- Hypertension;

- Benign and malignant neoplasms;

- Diabetes mellitus;

- Pregnancy;

- Inflammatory skin diseases;

- Gynaecological diseases.


What is the healthiest honey for wraps?
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How to do a honey wrap at home?
Benefits of a honey wrap

If you do it regularly, the effect is not long in coming. This is why many women choose a honey wrap for weight loss. The use of honey in cosmetology began quite a long time ago.

Honey cellulite wraps, on the other hand, are new to cosmetology and have been developed as a milder form of honey massage, effective but requiring some patience.

The advantages of this procedure include:

  • Removing waste products and toxins.
  • Getting rid of excess fluid.
  • Improved immunity.
  • Relief from swelling and fatigue.
  • Activation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat layer.
  • Weight loss.
  • Relieving emotional and physical stress.

However, before choosing this type of wrap, remember: every treatment has contraindications. Honey wraps should not be used for cardiovascular diseases, including cancer, varicose veins, acute inflammations and skin injuries.

Honey wrap is also contraindicated if you are allergic to bee products.


Pregnancy and lactation;

Allergic reactions to honey;

Injuries to the skin;

Cardiovascular disease;

Dermatitis and other skin diseases;

Malignant growths;

Diabetes mellitus;

Mental illness.

Side effects
Side effects in the form of allergic reactions to honey are possible.
Indications for a honey wrap

The treatment is suitable for all skin types. But it is particularly beneficial for dry, problematic and fading skin.

Due to the action of fat-burning components, the removal of fluids and toxins, this type of wrap has a visible slimming effect. The honey wrap also helps with the early signs of cellulite. It improves the skin condition, gets rid of swellings, fine wrinkles, flabbiness and rejuvenates the skin.

A pleasant and relaxing treatment that relieves emotional tension and combats feelings of chronic fatigue and bad moods. Due to this complex effect, it is included in diverse programmes:

  • anti-ageing;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • on weight loss;
  • anti-stress;
  • detoxification.

The honey wrap has a restorative effect on the body by stimulating metabolism in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and dermis and improving blood circulation.

Feedback from private users

I will say right away, I was thrilled right after the first use of the honey wrap, girls, as much water as I was drained by the honey wrap I have never lost in any other type of wrap!!!! So take care beforehand to make sure you're not dripping all over your legs! It's not a pleasant sensation.

After you have completed the honey wrap, the skin becomes tighter, firmer, the bumps disappear, if you do the course then the effect is stunning! I have been doing it once a week for a month, my tummy has tightened, but it's still not perfect, of course, but it's already better than it was.
In three wraps, I sort of lost 4cm from my stomach and 3cm from my waist. Why like? I just measured today, my stomach is 96cm and my waist is 79cm. What can I say? I've lost 0.6kg this week. I do all my measurements, check weights every week, make a note of it, keep track of my progress. It's possible that my unfortunate 1 or 2 centimetres are just gone in the weight loss process, and the honey wrap has pushed them up a bit.

In other reviews, initially slim girls lost 3cm immediately after the wrap. I was at least expecting this result...alas and ahh.
The honey wrap not only helps with excessive puffiness and fat, but also tones the skin perfectly. Already after the first treatment, the abdomen feels firmer to the touch and the skin is more elastic.

If your goal is to get in shape quickly, a honey wrap can help. I think it's a good way to lose weight, even if you're lazy.


If you perform the honey wrap procedure yourself, a jar of honey will cost you about 150 roubles and will last for about 10 treatments. A salon treatment will cost you around 500-700 roubles per treatment.

Possible compositions

A honey home wrap can be applied using natural honey in its pure form or by adding various "health benefits" to it.

Honey activates the beneficial properties of other beneficial ingredients - essential oils, plant extracts, chocolate, coffee, etc.

Mask 1. Honey with essential oils (rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, orange, cypress - 2-3 drops each).

Mask 2. Honey and milk (2 parts honey to 1 part milk).

Mask 3. A honey slimming wrap can be done by adding mustard powder to the honey. Mustard is excellent for removing keratinised epidermis, warming the skin and improving metabolism.

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Honey wrap reviews

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The honey wrap procedure is popular with both women and men. This is a great chance to make yourself or a loved one happy or make a useful gift.

How the procedure is carried out

  • Skin cleansing. Before wrapping, it is imperative to prepare the skin by exfoliating and lightly massaging it. This helps to get rid of keratinised cells, which helps the honey to absorb better into the skin. After a hydrotherapy or sauna, the skin is completely ready for the application of the honey mixture.
  • Preparation of the mixture. For optimal results, honey is heated to room temperature and can be combined with various additional ingredients: essential oils, healing mud, plant extracts (this is individually selected for each client)
  • Wrap. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the problem area or the whole body, then cover it with a plastic sheet for half an hour
  • Removing the mixture. After the time has elapsed, a light relaxing massage is given, which completely relieves fatigue. Rinse off the remains of the mixture in the shower, then blot (not wipe) your body with a towel. Do not go outside for 20 minutes to maintain the effect.

With its amazing properties, honey helps to solve several problems at once - not only to get your skin in proper condition, but also to get rid of extra pounds. The honey wrap for weight loss is one of the most popular spa treatments, as in addition to its high results, it is completely painless and pleasant, which is very appealing to women.

By penetrating the skin, honey helps accelerate the breakdown of fat and has a lifting effect, restoring firmness to the skin. Already after the first session, a reduction in body volume is noticeable, with an average loss of 0.5-1kg.

This is a great way to get into great shape in a short period of time. And if this procedure is done in conjunction with a weight loss programme, the results will be amazing. After all, during weight loss the skin loses its elasticity, sags and stretch marks may appear, and the honey wrap will eliminate such unpleasant consequences of weight loss.

Description of procedure

Honey wrap is considered to be the most effective treatment as honey is perfectly absorbed into the skin and from there it penetrates deep into the dermis and further into all tissues of the body. This improves cellular metabolism, blood supply and elasticity of blood vessels, as well as their trophicity and permeability.

All these processes combine to regenerate and rejuvenate skin tissue, stimulate local immunity and neutralise free radicals and harmful skin micro-organisms.

A honey wrap is part of a comprehensive programme for cellulite removal, general relaxation and cleansing of the body of toxins. A honey wrap is prescribed for many people, either as a separate treatment or in combination with other cosmetic measures.

Honey is often used in combination with other products: mustard, essential oils, dairy products, herbal extracts, apple cider vinegar, yeast, therapeutic mud and algae.

Wraps are made with linden, buckwheat, walnut or flower honey.


A honey wrap is one of the best treatments for losing weight and improving skin quality.

Due to its natural origin, its natural composition - which includes many vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids - honey has been used for thousands of years in the beauty industry.

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