Principles of fact-checking

BeautyLike's editorial staff adhere to the following principles of scientific and medical fact-checking and article writing;

  1. Articles are checked by a reviewer with a medical background;
  2. Fact-checking on reputable international websites, e.g. PubMed;
  3. We provide precise quotations and links to statements made by experts with an education relevant to the topic of the article;
  4. We quote as much reliable feedback from ordinary users as possible, based on common sense;
  5. Despite the high level of credibility, we recommend consultation with medical practitioners;
  6. Articles are checked once a year to ensure that the facts are up to date;
  7. Objectivity, articles are shaped in such a way that the reader can form an unbiased opinion;
  8. Accessibility, we write texts in simple and accessible language, so that even people who are not familiar with medicine can understand us.
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