Reinforcing, blanching skin reviews by cosmetology doctors

Reinforcing, blanching skin reviews by cosmetology doctors
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Threads are invisible under the skin
Results are visible almost immediately and build up over time
The effect is a natural rejuvenation of the skin
The product must be of good quality and authentic, otherwise the body's reaction to the introduction of such a filler is completely unpredictable and can cause severe complications.

Key points

The threads injected under the skin remove wrinkles, the effect of the procedure is immediately visible and the swelling from the injections goes away after a couple of days. It is possible to repeat the procedure.

An effective treatment for fighting wrinkles and correcting the facial oval.

Pros and cons of the reinforcing, blanching skin procedure

No anaesthesia is required
No need to stay in hospital
The risk of side effects is minimised
Threads are invisible under the skin
No scars or marks from the intervention remain on the skin
Results are visible almost immediately and build up over time
The effect is a natural rejuvenation of the skin
Mimicry is retained completely
Non-surgical lifting can be repeated
First and foremost, the product must be of good quality and authentic, otherwise the body's reaction to the introduction of such a filler is completely unpredictable and can cause severe complications.
Also, the beautician who injects must have the appropriate experience and skills.
visual impairment, up to and including total blindness;
blueing of the skin;
the appearance of lumps at the insertion points of the filler;
a depressed state;
hair loss (in men).

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Olga Glukhova
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, hardware and injection specialist
The blanching procedure was developed to instantly correct fine lines and wrinkles as an alternative to botulinum toxin injections. The peculiarity of the blanching technique is that during the procedure, injections are made as superficially as possible with a special thin needle in anatomically hazardous areas where regular hyaluronic acid-based fillers cannot be used - forehead, skin around the eyes and lips, neck and décolletage area. The product is injected superficially under the wrinkle, not only straightening the crease (filling it gently and naturally), but also creating a powerful tissue reservoir, which leads to the initiation of the self-rejuvenation process.
Tatiana Kerus
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, appliance and injection specialist
The blanching technique was developed relatively recently, in 2014, specifically for the Belotero range. Belotero Soft and Belotero Balance are very plastic hyaluronic acid preparations that have a unique ability to distribute in the tissue. Only they can be injected very superficially into the wrinkles, obtaining a natural result at the same time. Such injections are completely safe and consist of substances that are as close as possible to those produced by our bodies.
Anna Anatolievna Bychenkova
Aesthetic nurse/cosmetologist
As a rule, the first lifting effect after mezonite reinforcement is visible after one month. It builds up as the thread is dissolved within 6 months of the manipulation. The effect is unfortunately short-lived, usually the patient can enjoy the result of a year to a year and a half. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body and lifestyle of the patient. The procedure can then be repeated.
Irina Ivanovna Meshcheryakova
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist
The mesonite with multidirectional prongs perfectly corrects the facial oval, tightening the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and double chin. The multidirectional notches perfectly fix the threads in the soft tissues, preventing them from shifting. It is effective not only on the face, but also on various areas of the body to improve contours.

Opinion of authoritative sources on reinforcement, skin blanching/research

A new approach to classifying threads for facial and neck rejuvenation
Each type of thread has its own rejuvenation zone. The choice of thread type is not only determined by the severity and manifestation of involutionary changes in the patient. The treatment area is also important, as the skin varies considerably from area to area.

Analysis of our own clinical data has shown that the best results are achieved with a combined procedure. The patient is fitted with different types of threads in adjacent areas at the same time, combining lifting threads with reinforcing and biostimulating threads. Lifting sutures are preferably used for correction of facial oval, submandibular area, eyebrows, nasolabial folds. Reinforcing threads in combination with biostimulating threads are indicated for the cheek-cheek and partially for the neck area: the former create a deep frame, while the latter improve the skin structure.


What can I expect from the procedure?
I had hyaluronic acid reinforcement done. When can I assess the final result and how long will it last?
Can I have a chemical peel after bioreinforcement?
At what age is it best to have bio-reinforcement?
Why was blanching invented when botulinum therapy is available?
Won't my skin get worse if I stop blanching?
What shouldn't you do after the procedure?
The benefits of reinforcing, blanching the skin

The undisputed advantage of facial reinforcement is the use of traedlift technology, i.e. a minimally invasive intervention without surgery. The material is injected under the skin with the thinnest needles, so the punctures heal in a short period of time. Risks of complication development during this procedure are practically zero. After the manipulation there is no fear of haematomas, haemorrhages and other unpleasant consequences.

Other benefits of bio-reinforcement include:

  • Short injection time - it takes around 30-45 minutes to inject the material. The specialists have all the necessary tools, so they can reinforce every centimetre of the problem area with precision.
  • No discomfort - due to the minimal needle diameter and the use of local anaesthetics, the patient experiences no pain or discomfort.
  • Long-lasting effect - with mesonite, the result achieved lasts at least 12 months, with Aptos materials you can maintain skin firmness and elasticity for up to 2 years.
  • Instant results - the treatment provides an immediate skin tightening effect that builds up over the next 3-4 weeks.

It is possible to use the technique if the client is not medically contraindications, which include:

  • blood clotting disorders,
  • autoimmune pathologies,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • a tendency to form keloid scars,
  • severe inflammation of the skin,
  • during pregnancy or lactation,
  • some serious illnesses.

Warning! All aesthetic plastic surgery and most cosmetic procedures are strictly contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women. We also do not perform surgery on people who weigh more than 110 kg.

Side effects
  • Side effects in the form of "harmonica" or "bumps" on the skin are due to an unqualified beautician performing the procedure incorrectly.
  • Exacerbation of chronic illnesses.
  • Prone to allergic reactions.
Indications for reinforcement, skin blanching
  • Blurring of the contours of the lower third of the face;
  • Bryli;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Lowering of the corners of the lips;
  • Wrinkle puppets;
  • Highly pronounced nasolacrimal furrows;
  • Drooping eyebrows, eye corners;
  • Deep wrinkles, creases;
  • Lack of volume in the cheekbone, chin and lip area.

Even if you have one indication listed, you can already make an appointment for a reinforcement consultation.

Feedback from private users

In this review, I'm going to share my opinion about the facial hyaluronic acid bioreinforcement procedure.

You can see how the cheekbone area has changed, how the nasolabial wrinkle has almost completely disappeared, and how the facial contour as a whole has become clearer.

I liked the way my skin started to change after 3-4 days - it felt firmer to the touch, it didn't feel tight and it didn't feel tight. Even when I wash my face with not the most gentle cleansers or forget to apply moisturiser, my skin is still soft and nourished. Apart from that, my face is no longer flaky at all, which is hardly feasible for my skin at all.

Will I repeat the procedure again? I think so. The hyaluronic acid bio-reinforcement was even more effective for me than mesotherapy, and as a bonus I got to see how my face would look after the delicate contouring of my cheekbones.
Which I was actually happy with - I got 'cheeks'! =) Over the next week, the swelling went down, the bruising went away, and I liked what was left. Of course, not a dramatic transformation (for really plump cheeks I need to do lipofilling - maybe I will do it again), but quite good effect. It's been 2 years since the procedure, and it's only now that I can see that it's time for a repeat.

Pictured from top to bottom are before, just after, after a week, and the skin close up on my left cheek after a week (due to my crooked smile, I have more problems with my left cheek than my right).

"I give it an F for a two-year but still temporary effect, as well as for the high price - about 20,000 roubles.

Reinforcing, blanching skin reviews by cosmetology doctors

I always get bruises after the procedure. A slight swelling goes down within a day. Immediately after the procedure, the doctor gives you ice and then treats you with Traumel. You have to exclude alcohol, salty drinks, restrict active mimicry, sleep on your side, sunbathing, sauna, exclude physical exercises for three days. After a few days the bruises are smeared with absorbent agents and toned with cream if necessary. The skin tightens gradually, the full effect occurs after 1 month. I do this procedure at the same time with contour plastic surgery, the number of threads - 10 pieces. The effect of the procedure lasts 10-12 months.


The cost of the procedure is primarily related to the technique chosen: by injecting fillers or threads.

  1. Face reinforcement with hyaluronic acid - is a popular rejuvenation technology. Once injected into the tissue, hyaluronic acid fills voids (e.g. in the area of the nasolabial folds), gives the problem areas the desired volume, strengthens the skin frame and promotes tissue regeneration by stimulating the production of collagen and elastane.
  2. Face reinforcement with fibres - is an effective method to restore the original facial contour and tighten the skin around the cheekbones, cheeks and chin. Cosmetologists most commonly use hyaluronic acid and zinc-based liquid threads and 3D mezonitis.
  3. Liquid threads The method of injection resembles injections of fillers, but the injection sites are calculated in such a way as to lift the drooping tissue in problematic areas and to form the desired contour. The composition of liquid thread differs from conventional hyaluronic acid in the presence of zinc, which is more slowly eliminated from the body, and therefore the effect lasts longer.
  4. 3D mezzanine - is a polydioxanone-based suture material. Sutures are introduced under the skin with special blunt-tipped cannulae, forming a 'mesh' that keeps the skin from sagging. Polydioxanone is fully compatible with human body tissues; it gradually disintegrates and is removed naturally. Depending on the type of problem, smooth, spiral or needled (notched) threads can be used.


The material used for the rejuvenation procedure is selected according to the severity of age-related changes, the characteristics of the body and the result desired by the patient. When reinforcing the face, cosmetic surgeons use only the best quality threads available proven foreign manufacturers:

  • Self-absorbable 3D mesonite - are made from polydioxanone and coated with a special polyglycolic acid-based compound. There are several varieties, which help to solve the problem in a comprehensive way. Monofilaments are used to recreate the skeleton, spiral mesonite allows you to perform a vectorial lift, and needle is aimed at combating gravitational ptosis. Notched mesonites provide not only a clear contour but also a tightening of the oval.
  • Happy Lift mezonite - are made of caprolactone and have notches that provide a revitalising and lifting effect. As in the first case, facial reinforcement with threads is carried out with the selection of the most suitable type. For example, Boca bio-fibres are used for lip augmentation and modelling, Free Floating is used to correct the facial oval, Double Needle and iNeedle are used to eliminate age-related changes.
  • Aptos - are made from caprolac and contain L-lactic acid, which helps to trigger the natural regeneration of the dermis. Their use helps to instantly tighten the contours, rejuvenate the entire body and eliminate sagging and wrinkles.

To achieve a comprehensive and effective bio-reinforcement, the cosmetic surgeon can use several types of material at once, selecting their combination according to the patient's specific problem.

Before and after photos

Reinforcing, blanching skin reviews by cosmetology doctors

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The procedure can be performed from the age of 18 onwards for both women and men.

How the procedure is carried out

Bio-reinforcement takes place in several stages:

  1. The beautician prepares the skin by removing impurities and cosmetics.
  2. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin to help eliminate discomfort during the injections. On average, there is a loss of sensitivity after 30 minutes from application.
  3. Decontaminate the area to be treated with antiseptics after removing the pain relief cream.
  4. The material is injected according to a pre-selected pattern using needles or cannulas. The instrument pierces the skin as if to puncture it with an even distribution of threads.
  5. The needle is moved into the tissue subdermally, i.e. to a depth of approx. 2-4 mm. The exact depth for facial reinforcement is selected based on the area to be treated - this allows the tissue volume to be increased (e.g. on the cheekbones) or, conversely, pressed against the bone (in the presence of a voluminous fat pack).
  6. Finally, the specialist treats the area with antiseptics and, if necessary, covers the treated area with a plaster.
  7. The amount of material used varies depending on the problem area. For example, to correct the chin and nasolabial folds, about 9-10 pieces per side will be required. If only the chin folds are being corrected, 3-4 threads per side of the face will be sufficient.
  8. The simplest piercing regimen in the cheek and cheek area is fan injections. These are designed more to correct age-related changes, but with the presence of polylactic acid in the bionutrients, they can have a lifting effect. More complex are considered to be the insertion of material through the nasolabial fold or bio reinforcement with a loop. These techniques not only eliminate wrinkles and creases, but also produce a tightening effect.
Description of procedure

Face reinforcement with fibres

Facial reinforcement threads (Resorblift, Silhouette Soft, mesonite, Aptos threads) are made from different materials. They may consist of 999 gold, platinum, polyglycolic or polylactic acid, polydioxanone, caprolactonic acid or a combination of the above noble metals and organic compounds.

All these materials have an excellent safety profile and are fully compatible with human tissue. They do not provoke inflammatory or allergic reactions, with the exception of rare cases of individual reactions to gold or other inorganic thread components.

The key difference between the different threads is how long they stay under the skin. Sutures made of platinum or gold are non-degradable and last a lifetime. Sutures made of polymeric materials (polydioxanone, caprolactone acid) are biodegradable. In a year and a half, they are broken down by enzyme systems into carbon dioxide and water, which are eliminated from the body.

At the beginning of the 21st century there has been a shift from non-absorbable to degradable sutures. The reason for this is that the latter offer long-lasting results, but leave open the possibility of future rejuvenation. The tissues are ageing. Threads slow down, but do not stop the natural processes, and in 10-15 years, when the need for rejuvenation arises, the "gold mesh" under the skin may become a serious obstacle. For example, after the implantation of gold threads RF-lifting is contraindicated.

Reinforcing the face with mezonite

Facial reinforcement with mezonite, or trendlifting, is a young, promising and, at the same time, controversial method of combating gravitational ptosis. The principle of action of the threads made of polydioxanone (degradable material) does not differ from the previously discussed - they strengthen the framework of the skin, pull it up and fix it in the correct position by notches along the length of the thread.

The controversy surrounding tridlifts has been attributed to a noticeable percentage of negative effects, but the mesonite itself is not the cause. Side effects in the form of 'harmonica' or 'bumps' on the skin are due to the unqualified cosmetologist performing the procedure incorrectly. The consequences of improperly implanted mezonitees are discussed in the article "Mesonite: the downside of a popular procedure", published on the website of the Soho Clinic.

To summarise the conversation about mezonite, it must be noted that the technique is promising, but complex, and requires a doctor of jewellery skills. The procedure must be performed by an experienced cosmetologist or plastic surgeon.

Face reinforcement with hyaluronic acid

Facial reinforcement with hyaluronic acid, or bio-reinforcement, is one of the most advanced areas of cosmetology. In contrast to traditional ligature lifts, no threads are inserted under the skin during bio-reinforcement. The lifting effect is achieved by injecting HA along skin tension lines, activating the synthesis of collagen fibres and boosting skin revitalisation.

The key advantage of bio-reinforcement, or vector lifting, is that the collagen-elastin framework is restored 'from within', by stimulating the natural regeneration and renewal of connective tissue.

Although all types of ligature lifts are safe, it is bio-reinforcement that is the gentlest and most gentle technique. Due to this feature, hyaluronic acid reinforcement is used not only for the correction of aesthetic defects, but also for preventive purposes - in comprehensive programmes for the prevention of age-related changes.


The first signs of ageing can be eliminated in just one gentle treatment, with the rejuvenating effect lasting for 6-9 months (depending on the individual body).

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