Hyaluronic acid fillers, best fillers for dark circles reviews by cosmetologists

Hyaluronic acid fillers, best fillers for dark circles reviews by cosmetologists
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Expert feedback
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Elimination of bags under the eyes;
skin tone levelling;
one treatment is enough to achieve results;
Vascular and pigmented spots lighten.
it is possible to get used to it;
The effect of the treatment depends on the individual patient;
side effects may occur.

Key points

The introduction of fillers can transform the face in a matter of minutes - almost all women and even men now know this. Fillers effectively smooth out wrinkles, model the lips and cheekbones, and remove the typical age-related "dullness" from the face. But what about dark circles under the eyes?

Correcting dark circles with fillers is the most effective method for achieving instant results. The time required is 15 minutes. The effect lasts up to 12-15 months.

Pros and cons of hyaluronic acid fillers

lasting results for up to a year and a half!
the preservation of facial expressions;
Elimination of bags under the eyes;
skin tone levelling;
the look stops being tired;
The "gaps" - lack of volume in the lower eyelids - are compensated for;
fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out;
Vascular and pigmented spots lighten.
one treatment is enough to achieve results;
recovery is quick;
the injection not only replenishes volume, but also improves skin quality.
many fillers contain an anaesthetic, but the procedure is still sensitive for many patients;
it is possible to get used to it;
The effect of the treatment depends on the individual patient;
side effects may occur.

Opinions/feedback from cosmetologists

Hyaluronic filler in most cases does not cause allergies and is perfectly accepted by the body. It provides local tissue rejuvenation and evenly replenishes the missing volume in the lower eyelid area. Gels are not often used for the upper eyelids, in order to avoid the appearance of a drooping eyelid. Other rejuvenating treatments exist for the skin above the eyes. These include RF-lifts, laser resurfacing, collagen rejuvenation, etc. Blepharoplasty, a surgical correction with removal of fat hernias and excess skin, is also performed for a comprehensive eyelid lift.
Valentina Andreyevna Moiseeva
Cosmetologist, doctor of the highest category
If you are not satisfied with having to repeat the procedure as time passes, you can have a lipofilling procedure. This is a contouring with purified fat taken from one of your 'problem' areas. The fat cells will take root on 70% and will not resorb thereafter. The exception to this is when a person has lost weight drastically.
Beauty therapist
Hyaluronic acid fillers are products used in cosmetology for contouring, biorevitalisation and a number of other corrective and rejuvenation procedures. Nowadays, formulations based on stabilised hyaluronic acid are mainly used. This is due to the fact that it is not rejected by the tissues, which happens when using synthetic products. The effect is visible almost immediately. It lasts for 0,5-2 years, depending on the concentration of hyaluronic acid and the density of the stabilizer.

Opinion of reputable international sources on hyaluronic acid fillers

Treatment of infraorbital dark circles of various etiologies
Soft tissue augmentation with fillers is now a widespread method of improving quality of life. This procedure can be used to correct tear troughs, thin skin and under-eye wrinkles / laxity. Dark circles due to tear troughs alone or tear troughs with under-eye fat herniation are the most common type of clinically important dark circles. We can treat these types of dark circles with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers; in a long-term study, fillers were well tolerated in the periorbital area.
Decoding of under-eye dark circles with laser and fillers
All treatment options were effective in all three groups with minimal side effects. No statistically significant difference was found between the three treatment groups. Patients with tear depressions and/or hollow eyes responded well to fillers, patients with flabby and wrinkled skin to the CO 2 -laser, patients with tear depressions and hyperpigmentation to fillers.


If fillers, which ones?
Which fillers are not suitable?
How long do the results of contouring procedures last?
Are there many side effects or adverse reactions?
Is anaesthesia recommended?
What do I need to know about the procedure?
How long does the effect last?
Possible complications


Benefits of dark circles fillers

To understand why hyaluronic acid fillers are so popular, it is necessary to understand what hyaluronic acid is.

This is the name given to the polysaccharide sodium hyaluronate, a substance produced by our body that is not bound to proteins. It carries a negative electrostatic charge and holds a large amount of water, 1,000 times the volume of hyaluronic acid itself. In this way it intensively nourishes and moisturises the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic moisturiser, and fillers based on it have a number of advantages:           

  • does not cause allergic reactions. Unwanted side effects are very rare, most often caused by improper use of the medication;
  • As we age, the amount of our own hyaluronic acid in the body decreases markedly, which leads to ageing of the skin. The injection of special fillers with microinjections not only helps to fill the voids in the subcutaneous space, but also stimulates the natural synthesis of sodium hyaluronate;
  • hyaluronic acid is not only used to fill in wrinkles, it also helps to improve the overall condition of the skin and allows for visual correction and volume to the cheekbones or lips;
  • Hyaluronic fillers are biodegradable. That is, they are gradually eliminated from the body. If the client does not like the result, the cosmetic surgeon can speed up the decomposition of the booster with special solvents;
  • After the injection of hyaluronic acid, the result is visible in just a few hours. After 24 hours, the skin of the face will be smoother, the cheekbones will be emphasised, the eyes will be expressive and the lips will be attractive;
  • Unlike synthetic preparations, hyaluronic acid fillers do not form persistent, non-absorbable lumps under the skin. The face does not lose its natural appearance;
  • Gel fillers are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. Contouring with hyaluronic acid-based products does not require much time for preparation, implementation and recovery. And the cost of contouring is more affordable.

The disadvantages of hyaluronic acid fillers include the relative fragility of the result. The injections will have to be repeated after 8-12 months.

There is also a risk of addiction. Fillers can only restore youthfulness temporarily; they mask the outward signs of ageing, but do not reverse the process.

  • skin diseases;
  • acne in the acute stage;
  • skin damage;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • an exacerbation of chronic illnesses;
  • viral, infectious diseases;
  • herpes;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes.

The service is also not available to underage patients. Contouring is not performed during menstruation, as each injection may result in unwanted bleeding.

Side effects

The filler must be injected by a doctor with higher medical education in the conditions of a modern clinic that meets all the requirements of the Rospotrebnadzor and Roszdravnadzor. If the procedure has been carried out under these conditions and the patient follows the doctor's recommendations, there will be no side effects from the procedure.

In rare cases, an allergic reaction to the components of the product is possible. The method of aesthetic correction will then be replaced.

Indications for hyaluronic acid fillers
  • wrinkles in the corners of the eyes;
  • bruises under the eyes;
  • thin, dehydrated skin;
  • noticeable blood vessels under the eyes;
  • pronounced nasolacrimal furrows;
  • bags under the eyes;
  • wide pores, postacne scars.

Why is the nasolacrimal furrow so often corrected by cosmetologists with fillers? Because filler injections, which are based on HA, give visible results immediately after the procedure.

This is what many patients expect. However, this approach has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, it only masks the problem rather than correcting it. And a modern doctor, an "advanced" cosmetologist must first and foremost work with the root causes of aesthetic imperfections.

Secondly, the eyelid skin is very thin and even a loose filler weighs down the area under the eyes and puts extra pressure on the tissue. This subsequently makes the process of ptosis (drooping) of the tissues more intense and also leads to swelling.

Feedback from private users

In three to four weeks, the first effect was visible in a more even and firm skin at the cheekbones, but I can't say that I've got new, voluminous cheekbones and my features have changed much in that area, but the skin is smoother and more even, and that's where all the positive effects of Radiesse ended.
It feels like I've had a good snort of hyaluronic acid.
But after about four or five weeks, I started noticing an unpleasant change in my face, it just started sliding down... And it wasn't radiesse, it was my tissues. The filler was in place, it was dense in texture and if it had migrated somewhere, it would have been palpable in the tissues, but no, my face went.
At first it was not very noticeable.
At first I thought it was just my imagination and I was going crazy, but after watching a lot of pictures and videos of my "before" face, I realised that no, there were really thickened areas. Then I began to think that maybe I just gained weight in quarantine, but the weight was the same, all my clothes were just right for me, I could not just eat off the bottom third of my face...
I came home delighted with the doctor's delighted reaction to the result. I took selfies...and was left slightly surprised...ok, first day, too early to judge, we'll see.
Every day I was haunted by vague doubts. It seemed to me that my, already not dainty cheeks, had grown. But okay, well, puffiness, we wait)
I was told to eat a lot of protein for the best effect and for collagenesis. I have no problem with that, I eat a lot of protein and always keep an eye on it.
day after day I took photos, started making collages of the before photos. And I really saw that my face was even worse than before. However, no one around me noticed it or even saw the difference in the photo. Maybe I'm tripping, but I can see the difference
I score for 3 days, but then I start taking selfies again and see that it only gets worse! The emerging brolly has become quite a self-sufficient brolly!
Still, any intervention is a lottery, so I don't think I'll be doing anything else to my face, I've had enough of the worry and stress of seeing my sagging face
Immediately afterwards, there was swelling. The doctor warned me straight away that I would see my cheeks without a mirror. And so it was, after 3 days it was gone. The slight redness immediately afterwards went away in a couple of hours. It's best to do it on a Friday so that the main swelling is gone by Monday.
Five weeks after the treatment, my doctor allowed me to have microcurrents, light facial massages (strong, buccal type massages can accelerate the absorption of the product), and other hardware treatments without restrictions.
I read on the internet that the effect lasts 12-15 months, but my doctor said from experience that usually 8-10 months.
And because Radiass enhances the production of collagen, the face will not return to its former appearance once the product is resorbed; there will be a furrow, but a smaller one.
I recommend using Radiasse on all 100%, but only by a professional with lots of experience. I really like my appearance now. Will definitely go for a repeat in a year's time.
And don't forget, consult before you apply if you don't need this procedure and you can do something else, a hardware procedure, simpler and cheaper.


The cost of the procedure depends not only on the cost of the product, but also on the skill level of the doctor.

Varieties of fillers

Fillers are special preparations that are injected under the skin with special syringes with very thin needles. These products fill voids in the subcutaneous space, allowing you to correct the shape of your face and eliminate wrinkles and other imperfections.

Today, several types of fillers are used in cosmetology:

  1. Collagen-based. A substance of animal origin is used to make the medicine. It is usually purified bovine or porcine collagen, less frequently human collagen is used. These preparations can remove small imperfections (small wrinkles, acne scars, etc.). The effect of the treatment lasts about 3 months.
  2. Hyaluronic acid based. Such fillers have a gel-like structure and can be used to eliminate a large number of deep wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a "native" substance in the human body. Its synthesis slows down with age, which causes the skin to age. Injection of hyaluronic acid helps to fill in visible skin defects, thus removing unwanted age-related changes in the skin. The effect of the treatment is visible on the same day and lasts 6 to 12 months. The fillers will then need to be reintroduced.
  3. Based on poly-L-lactic acid (PLA). These are artificial polymer fillers that are injected in courses over several months. The results of the procedure may not be noticed immediately, but they will be stable for several years. Synthetic substances do not resorb and can only be removed surgically.
  4. Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite combined preparations. These manufacturers have products designed specifically for men's skin, young patients, and of course for ladies in the older age group.

Today, you can also find commercially available filler creams containing collagen and hyaluronic acid. However, these cosmetic products are not able to get rid of deep wrinkles as the cream is not able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Each of the fillers available nowadays allows you to solve certain problems. The cosmetic surgeon decides which product to use in a specific situation, based on the client's health status and individual characteristics.

Recently, however, hyaluronic acid-based fillers have become increasingly popular.

Types of hyaluronic fillers


This is a dermal filler from the world-renowned German company Merz based on calcium hydroxyapatite with a unique triple mechanism of action, including a non-surgical facelift, long-term wrinkle correction and skin quality improvement. It works as a filler and stimulates your own collagen production.

Radiesse is one of the most studied and safest fillers and is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Radiesse is currently one of the most popular fillers.


It produces an instant lifting effect, removing moderate to deep wrinkles and improving skin quality. Immediately after the injection, the volume typical of a young face is restored. Nasolabial folds are instantly smoothed out and the facial oval becomes even clearer and more expressive than it was 20 years ago.

The increased efficacy of the product is due to its unique formula, which powerfully stimulates the skin's own regeneration processes.

  • The product consists of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres (used in medicine for more than 20 years) and gel, which over time completely biodegrade, i.e. are completely eliminated from the body. The microspheres do not attract moisture, so the filler is ideal for complex patients: those prone to swelling, those with flabby skin, male patients.
  • Men have thicker, heavier skin and more frequent loss of volume in the cheeks, nose and chin folds. A spot and deep injection of calcium hydroxylapatite gel can eliminate these changes.
  • Radiesse enables a vector face lift (in this it successfully competes with the thread lift), working on the temporal area and removing deep nasolabial folds. Suitable for non-surgical correction of the shape of the nose (smoothing the bump, modelling the tip). Used for harmonisation of the chin. Effective for cardinal rejuvenation of the rear surface of hands. Used for rejuvenation of earlobes.
  • Radiesse does not cause an inflammatory reaction in the tissue and does not migrate. In addition to its immediate lifting effect, the calcium hydroxyapatite contained in the product stimulates the synthesis of the skin's own collagen type I, which creates a velvety skin effect and restores youthful firmness and elasticity.
  • Correction is simple, doesn't take long and causes no discomfort. The molecules of the product are so smooth and dense that moisture is simply rolled off them. This means that it will be retained in the skin for quite a long time. If classic fillers start to biodegrade from the tissue after 4-6 months, with Radiesse it starts to happen only after 24 months after its introduction.
  • The water-repellent properties of Radiesse help to get rid of the pimples, which cannot be achieved by injecting, for example, hyaluronic acid into the lower part of the face.
    Radiesse can be safely combined with other fillers, including those based on hyaluronic acid.

Radiesse can already be achieved after one treatment:

  • facelift and facial oval correction;
  • The elimination of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • improving the contours of the cheeks, chin;
  • to compensate for soft tissue volume deficits in the face;
  • smoothing out nasolabial folds;
  • hand rejuvenation;
  • nasal correction;
  • to make up for the lost volume of the temporal area;
  • shaping the facial skeleton.


The French innovation Sculptra has already been dubbed by cosmetologists as an injectable plastic. It is a biostimulant based on polylactic acid, which, once in the deeper layers of the skin, triggers the production of collagen types 1 and 3. It is also called "young collagen".

Tests with Sculptra show that three months after its introduction, the amount of collagen in the skin increases by 66.5 per cent. The skin visibly tightens, deep creases and wrinkles are gone, and lost volume is restored.

With Sculptra, asymmetry in the face is also perfectly corrected. The product thus fully lives up to its name!

It is important to realise that facial ageing is not an isolated process that is limited to nasolabial folds or sagging skin, but a combination of general changes in the skeleton, soft tissue and skin structures. Therefore, a comprehensive rejuvenation is necessary, which includes not only the correction of the nasolabial folds, but also the creation of a more youthful overall appearance.

Sculptra is ideal for tightening the neck, décolleté, inner arms and legs, abdomen and buttocks - the main areas of the body where loose skin structures are most evident.

Gradual volume recovery can be an advantage for many patients who wish to maintain their individuality in the process of external transformation. Over time, the polylactic acid completely disintegrates and is eliminated from the body naturally.

The effect after injections lasts for 2 years or more. Occasionally, a patient may need 1-2 additional vials injected to look "perfect". The interval between repeat injections varies widely, from a few months to several years.

Correction with the drug can be combined with the administration of neurotoxins. Laser and phototherapy can be applied immediately after the injection of polylactic acid. It is also possible to combine Sculptra with photorejuvenation and laser therapy.

Sculptra is ideal for:

  • The correction of deep wrinkles;
  • restoring facial contours;
  • asymmetry smoothing;
  • harmonisation of features;
  • neck and décolletage lifts;
  • the inside of the arms and legs, abdomen and buttocks.


It is an innovative product of the leader in hyaluronic acid preparations, the Swiss company IBSA. It produces ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, which is obtained through a bacterial fermentation process and is of the 'Highest Quality' class.

The product is based on low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in equal proportions.

This is a special hybrid technology developed and patented by IBSA scientists. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and has a reinforcing effect. High-molecular hyaluronic acid improves local blood circulation, stimulates production of own collagen and provides tissue lifting. This is achieved through the accumulation of water molecules around a high molecular weight acid. This formula is called Hydrolift.

Profilo activates not only fibroblasts and keratinocytes, but also adipocytes (fat cells), keeping them viable, which leads to the restoration of your own subcutaneous fatty tissue, a deficiency of which is determined with age.

High flowability allows the components to pass freely through the subcutaneous tissue and dermis, which traditional hyaluronic acid fillers do not. Profilo is ideal for use in anatomically challenging areas such as the forehead, neck and submandibular areas.

Profilo is good for smoothing out skin imperfections, e.g. post-acne scars or those caused by chickenpox.

The product's unique formula has made it possible to develop new injection protocols. Above all, the number of injection points required has been reduced. For the face, the technique "5 BET" is used - 5 bio-aesthetic points for each side of the face. The five points correspond to five areas of the face, selected with consideration of the anatomical structure: there are no large vessels and nerve endings. This minimises the risk of side effects and ensures maximum distribution of the product in the cheekbone and lower jaw areas.

In the neck area, the product is injected into 10 bio-aesthetic points. They are also located taking into account the existing anatomical structures and do not affect important organs such as the submandibular salivary glands and thyroid gland, carotid artery, trachea and larynx. The product has excellent potential for combined use with traditional fillers containing stabilised hyaluronic acid for more precise and skilful volume correction.

The basic course is limited to just two treatments at an interval of one month. Additional correction (if necessary) is possible after 2-3 months. The first results can be seen on about the second day after the treatment, and the skin reaches full bloom after about three months. The effect lasts for 8-10 months.

What results can be achieved with Profilo?

  • to remodel the contours of the face;
  • create the effect of beautiful high cheekbones;
  • restore the subcutaneous tissue by increasing its volume;
  • Restore clarity to the contour of the lower jaw;
  • rejuvenate the tissues of the neck and décolleté area;
  • to give your skin a radiant glow.

Neauvia Organic

Neauvia Organic, a product for contouring created by a team of Italian and Swiss scientists, is made from 100% pure hyaluronic acid. Thanks to such a pure composition, it is suitable for everyone! The high quality of the product has been recognised in almost 100 countries around the world, including Russia.

This hyaluronic acid is extracted from the bacterium Bacillus Subtilis (Hay bacillus), which is probiotic and non-pathogenic for humans. The purer the hyaluronic acid, the lower the risk of rejection by the body. The effect of contouring also depends on the extent to which the molecules of hyaluronic acid are firmly and elastically "locked" together. Traditionally, BDDE (butanediol-diglycidyl ether) or DVS (divinyl sulphone) crosslinking agents are used for this purpose.

They cannot be used in large quantities. And the low crosslinking agent content reduces the duration and effectiveness of hyaluronic acid in the tissue.

The scientists who developed Newvia Organic line of fillers decided to use a new crosslinking agent - the polymer PEG (polyethylene glycol). It is widely known and has long been used in the pharmaceutical and medical market, it is non-toxic and completely degrades in tissues. PEG helps the filler to stay in the skin for a long time. It does not cause any adverse reactions. PEG is what makes the Newvia range

Organic is the most biocompatible fillers with the human body. Their rejection by tissues is reduced to almost zero. PEG reduces inflammation and the formation of granulomas.

At certain temperatures that can be reached during procedures in aesthetic apparatus cosmetology, such as exposure to laser, ultrasound and others, the traditional hyaluronic acid filler begins to break down. But not Newvia fillers. PEG makes the acid much more resistant to heat, without limiting the range of aesthetic treatments.

Newvia fillers are also remarkably flexible and malleable. That is, it is able to change shape and size under the influence of external loads and retain or return to its original position.

Therefore, each filler in the range adapts to the existing anatomical structures and at the same time maintains the required shape for lasting aesthetic correction. Newvia fillers are able to create the desired volume without causing compression of the surrounding tissue, thus always ensuring natural results. In addition, there is virtually no migration of the filler into the tissue.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, Newvia Organic contains calcium hydroxyapatite (which is also part of Radiesse fillers). This naturally occurring mineral triggers the formation of new collagen in the skin. As a result, the density, firmness and elasticity of the skin are improved, acquiring a perfect double effect of volume and hydration.

Newvia products are not only injected into the face, but are also used to rejuvenate the skin on the hands, feet, other parts of the body and intimate areas. The results last from 15 months to 2 years.

Newvia Organic is prescribed when needed:

  • Give your skin a healthy, fresh and velvety appearance;
  • increase its natural firmness and elasticity;
  • restore tone;
  • smooth out small to medium-sized wrinkles;
  • rejuvenate the skin on your hands, other parts of your body and intimate areas.


Dermal filler from German company Merz Pharma consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules in a mesh polymer, which increases its ability to retain more moisture and many times faster triggers skin regeneration processes. Ideal for spring, it is suitable for everyone, including patients with very sensitive skin.

A unique feature of Belotero is that due to its dense structure it is capable of modelling the contours of the face and neck, eliminating gravitational ptosis, i.e. the drooping of facial tissues, and smoothing out neck wrinkles. Belotero fillers, in particular, are excellent for correcting cheek, chin, eye or forehead areas, ideal for augmenting or reshaping the lips.

The Belotero range of fillers consists of several representatives. Each of them solves a different problem, depending on the severity and depth of the skin defects.

Fillers can even be used in cases of hypersensitivity of the skin. Belotero is a biodegradable product, i.e. it is removed from the skin naturally. It remains in the skin for 12 months or more.

Belotero helps:

  • modelling the facial contour, in particular the cheek area, the chin and the eye area;
  • correct neck wrinkles;
  • remove gravitational ptosis;
  • to enlarge the volume and reshape the lips.

Before and after photos

Hyaluronic acid fillers, the best fillers for dark circles

2 4 3 1 7 6 8 5 9 10


The introduction of fillers can transform the face in a matter of minutes - almost all women, and even men, are now aware of this.

How the medicine is administered

  1. The main objective of under-eye correction is to avoid touching the many vessels in this area. The injections are therefore administered using a flexible cannula through a puncture made in the cheekbone area.
  2. The product is then distributed directly under the eyes deep into the tissues in a fan-like manner.
  3. Proper and careful adherence to the technology ensures that there will be no bruising, swelling, bruising or other signs of contouring after the procedure is completed. And the procedure itself lasts 15-25 minutes!

Unfortunately, not all cosmetologists in Moscow are familiar with this method, so they refuse to carry out the procedure, and sometimes even criticise it, discouraging patients from "potential trauma". Their suggestions are biorevitalisation of the area under the eyes and saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid. This method is fraught with consequences that strongly discredit both cosmetology itself and specific types of correction.

Once again, please note that with the correct technique, you should not be left with any traces after the procedure!

Description of procedure

Facial contouring is one of the most popular skin and facial contouring procedures today. It is performed with fillers - cosmetic injections with gel-like preparations.

What is the essence of the procedure? It is based on the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers into the subcutaneous fatty tissue to remove wrinkles, correct lip shape and volume, and "tighten" the facial oval. Today, hyaluronic acid is the 'number one star' of injectable cosmetology, as it is non-toxic, fully compatible with the skin and completely resorbed after a certain period of time (an average of 6 months to 1.5 years).

Today, it is safe to say that hyaluronic acid products are the best in cosmetic medicine.

Facial contouring is performed with different products (fillers), which differ from each other in structure, density and time of presence in the tissues. Among the most commonly used fillers are Surgiderm, Juvederm, Teosyal, Pluryal and Belotero. Depending on the injection site and the desired result, the doctor chooses the most suitable product.


What influences the freshness, openness, attractiveness of the look?

  1. First of all, it's the sparkle in your eyes. Its absence can be due to hormonal imbalance or vitamin and trace element deficiencies in the body. This problem can be remedied by consulting a competent endocrinologist.
  2. Secondly, it's the freshness of the skin. Dull colour, dark circles under the eyes, crow's feet wrinkles - all give the face a tired look.
  3. Thirdly, it is the harmonious shape of the eye. If the upper eyelid overhangs, the look becomes heavy and the person looks unhealthy.
  4. Finally, fourthly, the relief of the area under the eyes must be even. If the patient has pronounced nasolacrimal furrows, this gives the face a painful appearance.

Aesthetic flaws can be corrected with fillers - hyaluronic acid (HA) gel preparations that fill in missing volume, smooth out skin, wrinkles and folds.

Under-eye fillers are injected for dark circles, to eliminate the hollow-eye effect and to correct wrinkles.

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